8 Movies Like The Office That Will Leave You in Stitches

Get ready for some serious laughs with these 8 movies that are just like "The Office". From the comfort of your couch, immerse yourself in the hilarious world of these comedy gems that will keep you entertained with their witty humor, relatable characters, and outrageous situations. Whether you're a fan of mockumentaries or simply enjoy a good laugh, these movies are guaranteed to leave you in stitches.

1) The Office

The Office (2005) is reminiscent of The Office (2018) in many ways. Both shows are mockumentaries that portray the everyday lives of office workers and their daily struggles. They both excel in capturing the cringe-worthy moments and inappropriate behavior that can occur in a workplace, while also providing plenty of laughs. However, there are some notable differences between the two. The Office (2005) is a British comedy that centers around the office facing closure due to downsizing, whereas The Office (2018) is set in an American office and focuses more on the dynamics between the characters. The British version has a dry, subtle humor that is characteristic of British comedy, while the American version leans more towards slapstick and exaggerated humor. Additionally, the cast and writing styles differ between the two shows, resulting in a distinct vibe and comedic tone.

Release date: March, 2005
IMDB Rating: 8.5
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2) Modern Family

Modern Family, like The Office, is a mockumentary-style series that will leave you smiling and laughing way too hard to stay cynical. While The Office focuses on the hilarious antics of office workers, Modern Family takes a different approach by exploring the trials and tribulations of three different but related families. The characters in Modern Family are so lovable, and the plot lines are refreshingly fresh. This show fulfills all your comedy needs with its witty, dry, smart, and outlandish humor. It's a modern comedy that brings something new to the table, making the laugh tracks and raw goofiness of classic sitcoms feel obsolete. With its insightful scenarios, Modern Family offers a glimpse into the changing dynamics of both the modern family and modern comedy.

Release date: September, 2009
IMDB Rating: 8.5
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3) Part-time Spy

Part-time Spy is reminiscent of The Office, but with a twist. While The Office takes a mockumentary approach to showcase the daily lives of office workers, Part-time Spy adds a thrilling element by introducing the world of intelligence agencies. The similarities lie in the shared key topics of "office" and "job," where both movies explore the dynamics and humor that arise in a workplace setting. However, Part-time Spy takes the humor to new heights by infusing it with action. The plot revolves around Jang Young-shil, a woman struggling to find a full-time job, who unexpectedly becomes a comment writer for the National Security Office. Just when she thinks she's finally landed a stable position, she discovers that she's on the brink of being laid off. The movie cleverly blends comedy and action, making it a must-watch for fans of The Office who are looking for an adventurous twist.

Release date: March, 2017
IMDB Rating: 5.4

4) Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation is reminiscent of The Office in its mockumentary style and comedic portrayal of everyday work life. Both shows capture the absurdity and monotony of office settings, showcasing ego clashes, inappropriate behavior, and tedium. However, Parks and Recreation takes a different approach by focusing on the hilarious antics of public officials in an Indiana town as they strive to improve their city. While The Office revolves around the character of Michael Scott, played by the brilliant Steve Carell, Parks and Recreation boasts a talented ensemble cast led by Amy Poehler. The show's humor evolves after a rough first season, with each character bringing several laughs in every episode. If you loved The Office, Parks and Recreation is a must-watch sitcom that will keep you entertained with its political satire, absurd comedy, and memorable characters.

Release date: April, 2009
IMDB Rating: 8.6
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5) Waiting for Guffman

Waiting for Guffman is a hilarious mockumentary that captures the essence of community theater. Directed by Christopher Guest, who also stars in the film, it tells the story of an aspiring director and a group of amateur actors in a small town in Missouri. The film takes you through the entire process of putting on a musical, from auditions to the final show, and introduces you to the quirky townsfolk along the way. Just like The Office, Waiting for Guffman excels at cringe comedy and showcases the absurdity of everyday life. Both films rely on a talented ensemble cast to deliver dry and subtle humor that evolves naturally from the characters and situations. While The Office explores the dynamics of a typical office workplace, Waiting for Guffman focuses on the passion and dreams of small-town performers. The similarities between these two films lie in their mockumentary style, witty writing, and ability to find humor in the mundane.

Release date: January, 1997
IMDB Rating: 7.4

6) LolliLove

LolliLove takes a similar approach to storytelling as The Office, but with a unique twist. While The Office focuses on the everyday lives of office workers, LolliLove dives into the world of a wealthy couple who want to make a difference in the lives of homeless people. Both movies use the mockumentary format to create a sense of realism and authenticity, but LolliLove takes it to another level with its satirical tone. The couple's idea of giving lollipops with cheery slogans to homeless people is met with skepticism and even anger, resulting in a hilarious and politically incorrect journey. LolliLove's low budget adds to its charm and reminds us that movies don't have to be glossy and perfect to be enjoyable. If you're a fan of The Office's cringe comedy and mockumentary style, you'll definitely appreciate LolliLove's satirical take on making a difference in the world.

Release date: November, 2004
IMDB Rating: 6.1

7) Hell's Garden

Hell's Garden takes the office setting from The Office and adds a hilarious twist. While The Office focuses on the daily lives of office workers and their mundane routines, Hell's Garden takes the same office backdrop and turns it into a battlefield for fierce fights among different cliques of office ladies. The comical plot and cartoony fight scenes in Hell's Garden make it a guilty pleasure for those who enjoy this kind of movie. In contrast to The Office, Hell's Garden brings a whole new level of absurdity and over-the-top action to the office environment.

Release date: May, 2021
IMDB Rating: 6.3

8) Go Lala Go!

Go Lala Go! is a charming Chinese film that shares some similarities with The Office. While the latter is a mockumentary sitcom about office life in the US, Go Lala Go! takes a lighthearted approach to exploring the balance between love and work in a modern Chinese corporate setting. Both movies touch on the challenges and humor that arise from working in an office environment. However, while The Office focuses on cringe comedy and ego clashes, Go Lala Go! delves into the conflict between love and career aspirations. The film breaks the convention of love conquering all, highlighting the importance of loyalty and self-improvement. It offers an insightful take on the "do your best" attitude prevalent in Asian cultures, where putting your career before love becomes a necessity due to economic circumstances.

Release date: April, 2010
IMDB Rating: 5.2

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