17 Mind-Blowing Movies Like The Expanse

"The Expanse" sets the stage for a mind-blowing journey through drama, mystery, and sci-fi. This blog post will take you on a captivating ride with 17 other movies that will keep you on the edge of your seat. From disappearing activists to political tension between worlds, get ready to unravel the greatest conspiracies alongside intriguing characters and captivating plots.

1) High Life

High Life is reminiscent of The Expanse as both movies are set in outer space and involve a spaceship as a central element. However, while The Expanse focuses on political tension, conspiracy, and a fictional war between Earth, Mars, and the asteroid belt, High Life takes a different approach by exploring the struggles of a father and his daughter as they try to survive in isolation. The Expanse showcases a detailed world with multiple storylines and a richly developed narrative, drawing inspiration from various sci-fi films. On the other hand, High Life aims to be more of a character study rather than a traditional sci-fi adventure, although its illogical premise may leave some viewers questioning its feasibility. Despite their differences, both movies offer unique perspectives on life in space and are worth watching for sci-fi enthusiasts.

Release date: March, 2019
IMDB Rating: 5.8

2) Legend of the Galactic Heroes Gaiden

Legend of the Galactic Heroes Gaiden is a captivating animated series that takes place in a fictional universe engulfed in a relentless and never-ending galactic civil war. Just like The Expanse, this series delves into the complexities of war and politics, but with a different twist. Rather than a live-action drama, Legend of the Galactic Heroes Gaiden presents its narrative through stunning animation. It follows the epic clash between two military strategic geniuses, each with their own unique ideologies and ambitions. While The Expanse explores the political tension between Earth, Mars, and the Belt, Legend of the Galactic Heroes Gaiden showcases a galactic civil war that has spanned centuries. Both series share a common thread of outer space, spaceships, and a backdrop of conflict, making Legend of the Galactic Heroes Gaiden a must-watch for fans of The Expanse who are looking for a different take on the genre.

Release date: February, 1998
IMDB Rating: 8.3

3) Firefly

Firefly takes you on a wild ride through the unknown parts of the galaxy, just like The Expanse. While The Expanse focuses on political tension between Earth, Mars, and the Belt, Firefly explores a renegade crew's struggle to survive and evade warring factions. Both shows share a futuristic setting and deal with themes of outer space and a divided society. However, Firefly has a more anti-corporate and anti-government tone, making it reminiscent of The Expanse's political intrigue. Firefly's realistic post-war vision of the future, combined with its commentary on yesterday and today, adds depth to its storytelling. It's a demanding show that asks its audience to appreciate the moral complexities of its characters. Firefly's strong acting, excellent writing, and consistent world-building make it an unmissable series for fans of The Expanse. So buckle up and join this renegade crew as they navigate through a universe that challenges the traditional notions of power and freedom.

Release date: September, 2002
IMDB Rating: 9
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4) The Expanse: One Ship

The Expanse: One Ship is reminiscent of The Expanse in its continuation of the intricate world-building and compelling storytelling that made the original series a hit. While the main series delves into the political tension between Earth, Mars, and the Belt, the webisodes explore a fascinating concept known as the Doctrine of One Ship. This doctrine asserts that there is only one ship, and it functions like a single body with countless parts. This anthology of short webisodes offers a unique perspective on the expansive universe of The Expanse. Although it may not have the same scale as the main series, The Expanse: One Ship maintains the same level of intrigue and thought-provoking narratives that fans have come to love. So, if you're a fan of The Expanse and want to delve deeper into its universe, don't miss out on this captivating companion series.

Release date: December, 2021
IMDB Rating: 8.1

5) Life on Mars

Life on Mars is reminiscent of The Expanse in its exploration of outer space and the concept of time travel. While The Expanse focuses on a complex world set in the future, Life on Mars takes a different approach, transporting a detective back to the 1970s. Both shows immerse viewers in richly detailed worlds, with The Expanse showcasing the political tensions between Earth, Mars, and the Belt, and Life on Mars capturing the atmosphere of 1973 New York. The Expanse impresses with its ambitious storytelling and stunning visuals, while Life on Mars excels in its attention to detail and memorable music. Each show has its own unique charm and strengths, making them worth watching for any sci-fi fan.

Release date: February, 2012
IMDB Rating: 7.5

6) The Astronauts

The Astronauts is reminiscent of The Expanse as both are captivating sci-fi series that take place in outer space. While The Expanse explores the political tension and conspiracy between Earth, Mars, and the Belt, The Astronauts takes a more family-friendly approach with a group of kids accidentally launched into space, embarking on an adventure to get back home. Despite their differences in tone and target audience, both shows share the common theme of space exploration and the challenges faced by their characters. So, if you enjoyed the intricate world-building and thrilling storytelling of The Expanse, The Astronauts provides a lighter, yet still exciting, space adventure that will keep you entertained.

Release date: November, 2020
IMDB Rating: 6.8

7) Ad Astra

Ad Astra, released in 2019, is reminiscent of The Expanse. Both movies take place in outer space and explore the mysteries of the universe. However, while The Expanse is a series that delves into the complex political tensions between Earth, Mars, and the Belt, Ad Astra focuses on the personal journey of astronaut Roy McBride. Roy embarks on a mission to uncover the truth about his missing father and his ill-fated expedition, which now poses a threat to the entire universe. Ad Astra may not reach the same level as Interstellar or 2001: A Space Odyssey, but it still offers an interesting story and a stellar cast led by Brad Pitt. Some parts of the plot might be a bit confusing, leaving you with questions, but it's definitely worth watching to form your own opinions. So if you enjoyed The Expanse and want to experience a captivating space adventure with a more personal touch, Ad Astra is the movie for you.

Release date: September, 2019
IMDB Rating: 6.5

8) Toward the Terra

Toward the Terra is a 24-episode anime series set in a future society of space colonies connected by a massive computer network. In this seemingly utopian society, the government ruthlessly suppresses anything that threatens the status quo. The story revolves around a 14-year-old boy named Jomy, who questions the way society is run and becomes a target of both the government and the outcast race opposing it. Both groups are determined to either kill or save him. The series is based on a groundbreaking manga series by Keiko Takemiya and is known for its complicated story with multiple protagonists and warp drive trips to various planets and solar systems. It's a rewarding series with a powerful final episode. Although it may be challenging to keep track of everything, it's worth it. The manga was translated into English in 2007, coinciding with the debut of this TV adaptation.

Release date: April, 2007
IMDB Rating: 7.6

9) Pandorum

Pandorum is reminiscent of The Expanse in its captivating portrayal of life in outer space. Both movies explore the complexities of a future society, where political tensions and the struggle for resources drive the plot. While The Expanse focuses on the political power struggle between Earth, Mars, and the Belt, Pandorum takes a more personal approach, centering on the survival of two crew members who wake up from hypersleep to find their colleagues missing. The Expanse offers a meticulously crafted world with rich detail and a thrilling, mysterious tale of adventure and discovery. On the other hand, Pandorum delivers a psychological horror experience that messes with your head, offering twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat. So, if you enjoyed The Expanse and are looking for a movie that combines elements of sci-fi, horror, and thrilling surprises, Pandorum is a must-watch.

Release date: October, 2009
IMDB Rating: 6.7

10) Westworld

Westworld, huh? Well, if you're a fan of The Expanse, then you definitely shouldn't miss this one. While The Expanse takes us on a thrilling journey through a solar system divided by political tension and conspiracy, Westworld delves into the near future and a reimagined past where every human desire can be fulfilled without consequences. Both shows explore the consequences of human ambition and technological advancements, but Westworld takes it to a whole new level with its dive into artificial intelligence, robots, and moral dilemmas. The characters in both series are incredibly well-developed, with each having their own unique arcs that will make you simultaneously sympathize with and detest them. However, while The Expanse focuses on a complex world with multiple storylines, Westworld keeps you guessing with its mind-bending twists and turns. So, buckle up, my friend, because Westworld is a rollercoaster ride you won't want to miss.

Release date: October, 2016
IMDB Rating: 8.5
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11) Blake's 7

Blake's 7, released in 1978, shares a lot of similarities with the more recent series, The Expanse. Both shows take place in outer space and feature spaceships as a central element. They also explore themes of political tension and warfare, with The Expanse focusing on a fictional war between Earth, Mars, and the Belt, while Blake's 7 depicts a guerrilla war against the totalitarian Terran Federation. However, while The Expanse is a highly ambitious and visually stunning series, Blake's 7 had a more modest budget and clunkier sets. Nevertheless, what sets Blake's 7 apart is its diverse and intriguing characters. The show centers around a group of convicts, outcasts, and guns-for-hire who fight against the Galactic Federation. Each character brings their own unique personality and motivations to the table, making for a captivating and sometimes volatile dynamic.

Release date: January, 1978
IMDB Rating: 8

12) Andromeda

Andromeda: Captain Dylan Hunt and the crew of the Andromeda Ascendant set out on a mission to rebuild the Systems Commonwealth 300 years after its fall. While not as visually stunning as The Expanse, Andromeda delivers an entertaining sci-fi experience. The show started off strong with decent action and subplots, but unfortunately, the storylines started to get stupid in season 3. Season 4 had more action, but the final show was one of the worst I have seen on any show. Season 5 has limped along with too few interesting stories and little character development. Despite these shortcomings, Andromeda has its moments of excitement and is worth watching for fans of the genre.

Release date: October, 2000
IMDB Rating: 6.6

13) Outlaw Star

Outlaw Star is reminiscent of The Expanse because both shows take place in outer space and feature spaceships as a central element. However, while The Expanse is a serious and politically driven drama, Outlaw Star takes a more lighthearted and comedic approach. The Expanse explores complex themes such as fictional wars and alien technology, while Outlaw Star focuses on the adventures of an outlaw crew. Despite their differences in tone and genre, fans of The Expanse should give Outlaw Star a try for its unique blend of animation, action, adventure, comedy, drama, and sci-fi elements.

Release date: January, 1998
IMDB Rating: 7.9

14) Koi... Mil Gaya

Koi... Mil Gaya, released in 2003, is a delightful Indian cinema movie that will remind you of The Expanse. While the two movies are worlds apart in terms of their settings and themes, they share a common thread of exploring the wonders of outer space. Just like The Expanse, Koi... Mil Gaya tells an extraordinary tale that captures the imagination. The main character in Koi... Mil Gaya, played by Hrithik Roshan, is a developmentally disabled young man who continues his father's work of communicating with extraterrestrials. This pursuit leads to something truly miraculous and wonderful. While The Expanse is a gripping sci-fi series that delves into political tension and conspiracy, Koi... Mil Gaya takes a more lighthearted approach, blending action, drama, romance, and sci-fi elements.

Release date: August, 2003
IMDB Rating: 7.1

15) Circle

Circle is reminiscent of The Expanse in its exploration of human nature and moral dilemmas. While The Expanse takes place in a futuristic world of political tension and conspiracy, Circle presents a captivating scenario where fifty strangers are forced to decide who among them deserves to live. Just like The Expanse, Circle tackles complex themes in a thought-provoking manner. While The Expanse delves into the consequences of political power struggles and the impact on different factions, Circle explores the depths of human judgment and the question of who is deemed worthy of survival. Both movies engage the audience by presenting intricate situations and challenging them to reflect on the complexities of humanity. However, Circle, with its focus on a single room and limited characters, offers a more condensed and intimate exploration of these themes. So, if you enjoyed the moral dilemmas and intricate storytelling of The Expanse, Circle is a movie that you should definitely watch.

Release date: January, 2016
IMDB Rating: 6

16) Dark Matter

Dark Matter is reminiscent of The Expanse in several ways. Both shows are set in a dystopian future, where humanity has spread out throughout the solar system and is divided into opposing factions. They both feature spaceships and explore the mysteries of outer space. However, Dark Matter takes a different approach by focusing on a group of characters who wake up on a deserted spaceship with no memory of who they are or why they are there. This adds an element of mystery and intrigue to the story, as they must work together to uncover their identities and find answers. The show also reminds me of Firefly, with its sense of discovery and diverse group of characters. Overall, Dark Matter has the potential to be a great sci-fi series and should definitely be given a chance.

Release date: June, 2015
IMDB Rating: 7.5

17) Lost in Space

Lost in Space is reminiscent of The Expanse in terms of their shared genre of sci-fi and their focus on space exploration and survival. However, while The Expanse delves into political tensions and conspiracy, Lost in Space centers around the Robinson family's fight for survival on an alien planet. The Expanse impresses with its meticulous storytelling, rich world-building, and complex plotlines, while Lost in Space shines with its stunning visuals and improved writing in the second season. Although Lost in Space had a rocky start in its first season, it has since evolved into a visually captivating series. While both shows offer their own unique take on the sci-fi genre, fans of The Expanse will find themselves drawn to Lost in Space for its exciting adventures and hidden dangers that the Robinson family must face.

Release date: April, 2018
IMDB Rating: 7.3

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