14 Movies Similar to The Americans That You Must Watch!

If you're a fan of the thrilling and mysterious world of "The Americans," then get ready for a movie marathon like no other! We've curated a list of 14 captivating movies that will transport you to the height of the Cold War, where spies, secrets, and suspense reign supreme. From crime to drama and everything in between, these films will keep you on the edge of your seat, just like your favorite series.

1) The Lives of Others

The Lives of Others is reminiscent of The Americans because both explore the theme of undercover agents during the Cold War era. While The Americans focuses on two Russian agents posing as an American couple, The Lives of Others takes place in 1984 East Berlin, where a secret police agent conducts surveillance on a writer and his lover. Both movies delve into the complexities of espionage and the toll it takes on the agents' personal lives. However, The Lives of Others offers a unique perspective by delving into the agent's growing absorption with the lives of his targets. The film beautifully captures the conflict between the totalitarian state and artists who yearn for freedom of expression, making it a must-watch for anyone who appreciates character-driven stories set against a backdrop of political intrigue.

Release date: January, 2007
IMDB Rating: 8.4
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2) Burn Notice

"Burn Notice" is a thrilling series that shares similarities with "The Americans." Both shows revolve around spies, but while "The Americans" takes place during the Cold War, "Burn Notice" is set in modern times. "Burn Notice" follows the story of a spy who has been disavowed by the U.S. government and uses his special ops training to help others. The show combines action and humor, and its charismatic cast, including Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, and Bruce Campbell, adds depth to the story. With sharp writing and Miami as a superb backdrop, "Burn Notice" has the potential to keep viewers hooked, just like "The Americans." So if you've enjoyed "The Americans" and are looking for another exciting spy series with a modern twist, "Burn Notice" is definitely worth a watch.

Release date: June, 2007
IMDB Rating: 8

3) In from the Cold

"In from the Cold" is a series that will transport you back to the thrilling world of espionage, just like "The Americans." While the latter takes place during the height of the Cold War, with two Russian agents posing as the average American couple, "In from the Cold" follows the story of an American single mom who is revealed as an ex-Russian spy. She must now juggle family life and her unique shape-shifting skills in a battle against an insidious enemy. Both series delve into the complexities of undercover life and the challenges faced by spies. However, "In from the Cold" adds an intriguing twist with the protagonist's shape-shifting abilities, giving the show a sci-fi element. Despite the mixed reviews, the series still offers an exciting blend of action, drama, and mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Release date: January, 2022
IMDB Rating: 6.3

4) The Night Manager

The Night Manager is reminiscent of The Americans because both shows revolve around the thrilling world of espionage. While The Americans takes us back to the Cold War era with Russian agents posing as an American family, The Night Manager brings us into the present day with a night manager of a hotel being recruited to infiltrate an arms dealer's inner circle. Both shows keep you on the edge of your seat with their suspenseful plots and complex characters. However, The Night Manager distinguishes itself with its stunning locations and impeccable acting. Tom Hiddleston's underrated performance shines alongside Hugh Laurie, and the show's attention to detail in terms of real locations adds an extra layer of authenticity. While we may not be lucky enough to have a second season, The Night Manager is definitely worth watching for its gripping storyline and brilliant execution.

Release date: May, 2017
IMDB Rating: 8

5) The Silent War

The Silent War is reminiscent of The Americans in its portrayal of spies in a historical context. While The Americans focuses on Russian agents during the Cold War, The Silent War takes us back to the 1950s and follows the story of a blind man with exceptional hearing who gets recruited for a spy mission. Both movies fall under the genres of Crime, Drama, Mystery, and Thriller, and explore the world of espionage. However, The Silent War differs in its setting, taking place in China during the Chinese Civil War, and its unique twist of having a blind protagonist with extraordinary abilities. The Silent War offers an engaging and dramatic thriller with solid performances from its cast, including Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Zhou Xun. If you enjoyed The Americans and are looking for another spy thriller with a historical backdrop, The Silent War is definitely worth a watch.

Release date: August, 2012
IMDB Rating: 6.2

6) Homeland

Homeland: A bipolar CIA operative becomes convinced a prisoner of war has been turned by al-Qaeda and is planning to carry out a terrorist attack on American soil. Though not as thrilling as The Americans, Homeland offers a captivating storyline with a high-quality cast, particularly in the early seasons. However, unlike The Americans, Homeland suffers from some annoying aspects, such as the constant panting of Carrie Mathison's German dubbing and the unrealistic portrayal of her bipolar disorder. Despite these flaws, Homeland remains an exciting series, especially in its earlier seasons, and is worth watching for its gripping plot and strong performances.

Release date: April, 2015
IMDB Rating: 8.3

7) The Red Machine

The Red Machine: Washington, DC, 1935. At the height of the Great Depression, a charming and irrepressible young thief is forced to help an icy and mysterious United States Navy spy steal a brand new device that the Japanese military is using to encode its top-secret messages. During the mission, which is complicated by the spy's dark past in Tokyo, the two discover that they are pawns in a larger game. Together, they devise an intricate but risky scheme to outwit the people trying to use them. "The Red Machine" has been juicing the festival circuit for years, after first going into production in 2009. The Depression-era caper has two solid leads in Lee Perkins and Donal Thoms-Cappello and an equally strong supporting cast, featuring the Thelma Ritter-like Mo Byrnes in a standout role.

Release date: June, 2010
IMDB Rating: 6.1

8) Light the Night

Light the Night is reminiscent of The Americans as both are crime drama series set in the 1980s. While The Americans follows Russian agents posing as an American couple during the height of the Cold War, Light the Night takes place in the red light district of 1980s Taipei, focusing on the lives of women at a popular Japanese night club. Both shows explore themes of undercover operations, deceit, and the complexities of relationships. However, Light the Night offers a different cultural perspective, delving into the intricacies of Taiwanese society and the challenges faced by women in that era. With its shocking moments, twists, and peak slow burn acting, Light the Night is definitely worth a try for fans of The Americans looking for a fresh take on the crime drama genre.

Release date: November, 2021
IMDB Rating: 7.4

9) Sacred Games

Sacred Games takes you on a thrilling journey through the dark underbelly of Mumbai. While it may not have Russian spies posing as a couple, it certainly shares some similarities with The Americans. Both shows delve into the world of crime and mystery, keeping you on the edge of your seat. Sacred Games, however, adds a unique Indian flavor to the mix, with its gritty portrayal of 1980s and 1990s Mumbai. The violence, investigation, and police officer elements give it a thrilling and intense atmosphere. The characters are complex and the story unfolds in a serious and poetic fashion, showcasing the intelligence behind the narrative. If you loved the suspense and intrigue of The Americans, Sacred Games is a must-watch for its captivating storyline and the opportunity to experience the vibrant and dark side of Mumbai.

Release date: July, 2018
IMDB Rating: 8.5
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10) Wild Indian

Wild Indian is reminiscent of The Americans in that both movies explore the theme of undercover agents living double lives. While The Americans follows Russian spies posing as an American couple during the Cold War, Wild Indian delves into the lives of two men who share a traumatic secret involving the murder of a schoolmate. Both movies delve into the psychological complexities of their characters as they navigate their dual identities and the consequences of their actions. However, Wild Indian takes a more introspective approach, examining the themes of survival and cultural heritage, particularly focusing on the Native American experience. With its gritty portrayal and thought-provoking conversations, Wild Indian offers a unique perspective on identity and survival, making it a must-watch for those who appreciate movies that delve deep into the human psyche.

Release date: September, 2021
IMDB Rating: 5.8

11) Hunt

Hunt is reminiscent of The Americans, as both movies delve into the world of espionage and undercover agents. While The Americans takes place during the Cold War in the 1980s, Hunt is set in the present day, focusing on the Korean Spy Agency. The plot of Hunt revolves around uncovering a North Korean spy embedded within the agency, providing an intriguing mystery that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Although the runtime of Hunt is significantly longer than The Americans, clocking in at 2 hours and 11 minutes, it manages to maintain a high level of intensity throughout. The action scenes in Hunt are well-executed, and the performances of the two male leads, Park Sung-woong and Lee Jung-jae, are commendable. The movie may be a bit complex for viewers unfamiliar with Korean history, as it touches on political intricacies that might require a deeper understanding.

Release date: February, 2023
IMDB Rating: 6.7

12) The Message

The Message takes us back in time to 1942 Nanjing during the Japanese occupation of China. Similar to The Americans, it involves spies and a game of "cat and mouse". However, unlike the American couple in The Americans, the characters in The Message are Chinese code-breakers trying to send out a crucial message while protecting their own identities. The Message is a fast-paced and mind-boggling film that keeps you on the edge of your seat. With fantastic acting, intense suspense, and a well-crafted plot, this Chinese thriller is definitely worth watching.

Release date: September, 2009
IMDB Rating: 7.4

13) 009-1

"009-1" takes us into an alternate future where the Cold War is still raging, and the Earth is divided into two factions. In this sophisticated series, we follow Agent 009-1, a cyborg spy for the West Block. Similar to "The Americans," which is set during the Cold War, both shows explore the world of espionage and undercover agents. However, while "The Americans" focuses on the lives of Russian agents posing as Americans, "009-1" dives into a sci-fi realm where the Cold War has lasted for 140 years. With its mature animation and intricate storyline, "009-1" offers a unique perspective on the spy genre. Fans of "The Americans" will appreciate the thrilling espionage elements in "009-1," as well as its memorable characters and nostalgic old-school spy movie-inspired episodes.

Release date: October, 2006
IMDB Rating: 6.4

14) Snowdrop

Snowdrop is reminiscent of The Americans in its portrayal of spies and undercover agents, but with a unique twist. While The Americans takes place during the Cold War in the 1980s and follows Russian agents posing as an American couple, Snowdrop is set in South Korea during the 1987 Democracy Movement and tells the story of a man who escaped from a political prison camp in North Korea. Both series share the crime, drama, and thriller genres, creating a tense and captivating atmosphere. Snowdrop, however, adds a touch of romance to the mix, offering a charming and lovely dynamic between the main characters. The captivating performances of Jung Hae In and Jisoo bring an additional layer of depth to the series, making it thoroughly enjoyable to watch. With its grand and authentic production design, Snowdrop transports viewers to the 1980s, creating a visually stunning backdrop for the story.

Release date: December, 2021
IMDB Rating: 8.1

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