13 Must-Watch Movies Similar to ‘Succession’

"Succession" might have you craving more of the same thrilling mix of comedy and drama, with a dash of power dynamics and family intrigue. Get ready to dive into a list of 13 must-watch movies that will keep you captivated from start to finish, as you explore similar stories of powerful families in control of vast empires, where loyalty, betrayal, and the pursuit of power take center stage.

1) Snakes & Lizards

Snakes & Lizards (also known as Cobras & Lagartos) is a Brazilian soap opera that shares similarities with Succession. Both shows explore the themes of wealth, business, and dysfunctional families. However, while Succession takes a more dramatic approach, Snakes & Lizards infuses comedy into its storyline. In Succession, the Roy family's media empire is at the center of the plot, while Snakes & Lizards revolves around the inheritance of a wealthy businessman's fortune. Both shows feature a cast of talented actors, with Succession even winning multiple Emmy awards. If you enjoyed Succession's gripping storytelling and compelling performances, you should give Snakes & Lizards a watch for a lighter, humorous take on similar themes.

Release date: April, 2006
IMDB Rating: 6.8

2) Bank of Dave

Bank of Dave is reminiscent of Succession because both movies explore the world of business and wealth. While Succession focuses on a powerful media empire and a dysfunctional family, Bank of Dave tells the true-life story of a working-class man who fights to set up a community bank. Both films provide an insightful look into the intricacies and challenges of the business world, showcasing the ambition and determination of their respective characters. However, they differ in their settings and tones. Succession takes place in the US and has a more dramatic tone, while Bank of Dave is set in the UK and combines comedy and drama. If you enjoyed Succession and want to be inspired by a real-life tale of entrepreneurship, then Bank of Dave is a movie worth watching.

Release date: January, 2023
IMDB Rating: 7.1

3) Cash

"Cash" is a rollercoaster ride of chaos and opportunity, much like its predecessor, "Succession." While "Succession" revolves around a wealthy family's control over a media empire, "Cash" takes a comedic and dramatic approach to the world of business. Set amidst the backdrop of demonetization, the film follows Armaan, who stumbles upon a lucrative business opportunity in money laundering. Just like "Succession," "Cash" delves into the unpredictable world of wealth and power, showcasing the lengths people will go to make a quick buck. While "Succession" focuses on a dysfunctional family, "Cash" introduces a broader array of characters, each with their own hilarious quirks. With its clever plot twists and brilliant performances by Sunil Grover, Amol Parasher, and Kavin Dave, "Cash" is a must-watch for anyone who enjoyed the captivating storytelling and witty dialogue of "Succession.

Release date: November, 2021
IMDB Rating: 6.6

4) Ted Lasso

"Ted Lasso" is reminiscent of "Succession" in terms of its compelling characters and their impact on the story. While "Succession" explores the dynamics of a wealthy and dysfunctional family controlling a media empire, "Ted Lasso" takes us on a journey with an American college football coach managing a struggling English Premier League football team. Both shows excel in creating engaging narratives that revolve around the challenges faced by their protagonists. However, "Ted Lasso" stands out with its infectious positivity and heartwarming moments, providing a refreshing and uplifting experience. As the world grapples with uncertainty, this delightful series serves as a much-needed source of joy and inspiration. So, if you enjoyed the intricate storytelling and exceptional performances of "Succession," give "Ted Lasso" a watch, and prepare to be charmed by its sincere and endearing characters.

Release date: August, 2020
IMDB Rating: 8.8
13 Must-Watch Movies Similar to Ted Lasso

5) Cute Programmer

Cute Programmer, released in 2021, shares some similarities with Succession. While Succession revolves around the Roy family controlling a media and entertainment empire, Cute Programmer tells the story of Lu Li, who enrolls in the same school and major as her love interest, genius programmer Jiang Yicheng. Both series explore the world of business and the pursuit of success, with Succession focusing on a dysfunctional family and Cute Programmer delving into the challenges faced by Lu Li as she follows Jiang Yicheng's path. However, Cute Programmer brings a delightful twist with its romantic elements, adding a touch of comedy and drama to the mix. The series captivates viewers with its diverse and funny supporting characters, while also offering a refreshing take on romance by presenting it without coarse language or certain visual elements. If you enjoyed Succession's exploration of power dynamics and compelling storytelling, Cute Programmer is a delightful watch that adds romance and humor to the mix.

Release date: June, 2021
IMDB Rating: 7.7

6) Shanghai Calling

Shanghai Calling is a delightful film that shares some similarities with Succession. Both movies explore the world of business, but in different contexts. While Succession delves into the intricacies of a media empire and a dysfunctional family, Shanghai Calling takes us on a hilarious journey with a New York attorney who finds himself in a legal mess in Shanghai. Despite their divergent storylines, both films offer a comedic take on the challenges and absurdities of the business world. However, where Succession focuses on the dark and complex dynamics within a wealthy family, Shanghai Calling embraces a lighter tone and adds a touch of romance to the mix. So, if you loved the wit and sharp writing of Succession, but also crave a feel-good and charming experience, Shanghai Calling is the perfect movie for you.

Release date: August, 2012
IMDB Rating: 6.2

7) Material Girl

Material Girl is reminiscent of Succession in that both shows revolve around the world of business and wealth. However, while Succession focuses on the dysfunctional Roy family and their media empire, Material Girl tells the story of a young fashion designer trying to make her mark in the fashion industry. While Succession delves into themes of patriarchy and power struggles within a wealthy family, Material Girl explores personal drama, rivalry, and the challenges of navigating the fashion world. Despite their differences, Material Girl is worth watching for its comedic and dramatic take on the fashion industry, providing a fresh and entertaining perspective for viewers who enjoyed the captivating world of Succession.

Release date: January, 2010
IMDB Rating: 6.1

8) Vazhunnor

Vazhunnor. The youngest son of a wealthy family falls in love with a teacher. Later, as their wedding approaches, a few businessmen arrive in town to settle old scores with the family, creating complications. Reminiscent of Succession, Vazhunnor explores the dynamics of a powerful family and the challenges they face. While Succession revolves around a media empire, Vazhunnor delves into a family business set in a fish market. Both movies touch upon themes of wealth, business, and dysfunctional family relationships. However, Vazhunnor adds an element of romance, as the youngest son navigates his love life amidst the chaos. With its blend of action, comedy, and drama, Vazhunnor offers a unique flavor that fans of Succession will appreciate. So, if you're ready to dive into another captivating tale of family and business, don't miss Vazhunnor.

Release date: June, 2023
IMDB Rating: 6.2

9) Age of Cannibals

Age of Cannibals is reminiscent of Succession in its exploration of the world of business. While Succession focuses on a wealthy media empire and a dysfunctional family, Age of Cannibals takes us on a journey with two successful business consultants who travel to some of the seediest countries in the world to satisfy their clients' greed. Both movies delve into the cutthroat nature of the business world, highlighting the lengths people will go to in order to succeed. However, while Succession is a series with a runtime of 3600 seconds, Age of Cannibals is a cinema movie with a longer runtime of 5580 seconds. Despite the difference in format and duration, both movies captivate the audience with their intriguing plots and compelling characters. If you enjoyed the gripping world of Succession, Age of Cannibals offers a unique perspective on the business world that is definitely worth a watch.

Release date: May, 2014
IMDB Rating: 7

10) Tiny Times 2.0

Tiny Times 2.0 takes us on a completely different journey compared to Succession. While Succession delves into the world of a powerful media empire and a dysfunctional family, Tiny Times 2.0 brings us into the lives of four young friends as they navigate the challenges and opportunities that arise towards the end of their school days. It's like comparing the heavyweight business world to the vibrant energy of youth. Succession captivates with its Emmy-winning performances and gripping storyline, while Tiny Times 2.0 offers a different appeal with its light-hearted comedy and exploration of friendship and romance. So, if you're looking for a change of pace and want to experience the ups and downs of youth in Shanghai, give Tiny Times 2.0 a watch.

Release date: August, 2013
IMDB Rating: 3.5

11) Turnover

Turnover is reminiscent of Succession in its exploration of the business world, but with a heartwarming twist. While Succession focuses on the Roy family's control over a massive media and entertainment company, Turnover takes a different approach by centering around a café owner named Peter. When Peter leaves his disgruntled manager, Henry, in charge of the business, Henry ends up hiring a crew of misfits to run the café. Upon his return, Peter finds the café transformed and learns the value of camaraderie with the new team. While Succession delves into the complexities of a media empire and a dysfunctional family, Turnover offers a more lighthearted take on the business world, emphasizing the power of unlikely friendships and the growth that can come from working together. If you enjoyed Succession and its exploration of the business world, Turnover provides a charming and heartwarming alternative that is sure to leave you with a smile.

Release date: March, 2019
IMDB Rating: 6.7

12) The Snake Brothers

The Snake Brothers is reminiscent of Succession in its exploration of dysfunctional families and their struggle for success. While Succession focuses on a wealthy media empire and the fallout when the patriarch steps down, The Snake Brothers follows Grass and Cobra Snake as they attempt to find fulfillment amidst their own troubles. Both films delve into themes of business and wealth, albeit with different tones. Succession is a critically acclaimed series, known for its stellar writing and acting, while The Snake Brothers offers a more average experience. However, the latter still manages to provide entertainment through its incoherent sketches and front-seat self-abuse scene. Although it may not reach the same heights as Succession, The Snake Brothers is worth a watch for those seeking a comedic take on family dynamics and personal growth.

Release date: February, 2015
IMDB Rating: 7

13) Callboys

Callboys is reminiscent of Succession because both shows explore the world of business and the dynamics of ambitious individuals. However, while Succession focuses on a wealthy and dysfunctional family controlling a media empire, Callboys takes a raunchy and comedic approach to the story of four gigolos trying to make it big. Succession is known for its critically acclaimed writing and acting, with each season being as good as the others. On the other hand, Callboys surprises viewers with its sensibility and well-written plot that taps into deeper emotions. It strikes the right balance between tension, hilarity, and wholesomeness. So, if you enjoyed the power struggles and dysfunctional relationships in Succession, you should definitely give Callboys a watch for its unique take on the world of business and its lovable, yet flawed characters. Just make sure to have some tissues handy for the emotional rollercoaster that awaits in the second season's finale.

Release date: September, 2016
IMDB Rating: 7.5

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