Movies Like Spaced: Discover 5 Hilarious Action-Comedy Gems

"Spaced: Discover 5 Hilarious Action-Comedy Gems. Get ready for a wild ride as we unveil a handpicked selection of movies that capture the same irresistible blend of wit, action, and laughter as Spaced. From unlikely duos navigating crazy adventures to sharp-witted banter that keeps you on the edge of your seat, this list is your passport to a world of hilarious escapades.

1) The Famous Jett Jackson

The Famous Jett Jackson is reminiscent of Spaced in many ways. Both shows were released in the late 90s and early 2000s, capturing the essence of those timeframes. While Spaced revolves around a couple pretending to be together, The Famous Jett Jackson follows the story of a teenager named Jett who stars in his own television show. Both shows tackle the theme of leading a double life, with Spaced focusing on the challenges of living in a small apartment while pretending to be a couple, and The Famous Jett Jackson exploring the struggle of being a rich and famous star in a simple town. Additionally, both shows fall under the action and comedy genres, offering a delightful mix of excitement and humor. However, despite their similarities, the two shows have their differences. Spaced hails from the UK, while The Famous Jett Jackson originates from Canada.

Release date: October, 1998
IMDB Rating: 7.2

2) Godzilla: The Series

Release date: September, 1998
IMDB Rating: 6.8

3) Just Shoot Me!

Just Shoot Me! is a comedy series that takes place in the 1990s and 2000s, just like Spaced. While Spaced is about two friends pretending to be a couple to afford an apartment, Just Shoot Me! follows the story of Maya, a hot-tempered journalist who is forced to work for her father's fashion magazine after getting fired. Both shows have a similar timeframe, but that's where the similarities end. Spaced is an action-comedy series from the UK, while Just Shoot Me! is a purely comedic series from the US. Despite their differences, if you enjoyed the witty and laugh-out-loud humor of Spaced, you might find Just Shoot Me! to be an amusing and entertaining watch.

Release date: March, 1998
IMDB Rating: 6.9

4) Cousin Skeeter

"Cousin Skeeter" is a delightful comedy series that will transport you back to the late 90s and early 2000s. Just like "Spaced," it revolves around the lives of a group of young people, but with a twist. In "Cousin Skeeter," a boy's cousin comes to stay with his family, and together they find themselves in hilarious and unpredictable situations. While "Spaced" has a more adult-oriented humor, "Cousin Skeeter" brings a family-friendly vibe that will make you laugh and feel nostalgic at the same time. With its charming characters and clever gags, this Nickelodeon production stands out as one of the best and most original sitcoms of its time.

Release date: September, 1998
IMDB Rating: 6.8

5) Undressed

"Undressed" is reminiscent of "Spaced" in that they are both comedy series that were released in the late 90s. However, while "Spaced" focuses on the lives of two friends pretending to be a couple, "Undressed" takes a different approach by exploring the diverse sexual relationships of high schoolers, college students, and post-college roommates. While "Spaced" is known for its well-written scripts and brilliant acting, "Undressed" leans more towards a guilty pleasure territory, with its horny and kinky escapades. Despite its glossy look and creative setups, "Undressed" lacks believability and depth, ultimately becoming exploitative and one-dimensional. However, it knows its target demographic well, featuring attractive and well-sexed characters in various sexual situations. Although "Undressed" may not have the same cult appeal as "Spaced," it still offers an addictive and provocative watch for those looking for a titillating experience.

Release date: July, 1999
IMDB Rating: 6.3

6) The Angry Beavers

The Angry Beavers is reminiscent of Spaced because they both take place in the 1990s and 2000s, offering a nostalgic trip down memory lane. While Spaced is a live-action comedy series about two friends pretending to be a couple to afford an apartment, The Angry Beavers is an animated series following the wacky and sometimes surreal adventures of two beaver brothers, Norbert and Daggett. Both shows have a strong comedic element and feature hilarious situations that will leave you laughing out loud. However, Spaced has a more adult-oriented humor, while The Angry Beavers is suitable for the whole family. So, if you enjoyed the clever writing, brilliant acting, and laugh-out-loud moments of Spaced, you should definitely give The Angry Beavers a watch. It's a show that will entertain both kids and adults alike and is bound to bring back some fond memories of the past.

Release date: April, 1997
IMDB Rating: 7.2

7) Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz is reminiscent of Spaced, the hilarious British comedy series. Both works showcase the brilliant comedic talents of Simon Pegg, who plays the lead role in both. While Spaced focuses on the lives of two 20-something North Londoners pretending to be a couple to afford their apartment, Hot Fuzz takes a satirical approach to action movies, with Pegg portraying a skilled London police officer transferred to a seemingly peaceful village. The similarities lie not only in Pegg's stellar performances but also in the clever writing and sharp humor that both projects offer. However, Hot Fuzz stands out with its unique blend of comedy, mystery, and thriller genres, as it humorously parodies the over-the-top action movie tropes. With its thrilling plot, visual jokes, and a stroke of genius in casting serious actors like Timothy Dalton, Hot Fuzz proves to be a hilarious and highly entertaining movie that fans of British humor should definitely check out.

Release date: June, 2007
IMDB Rating: 7.8

8) Black Books

Black Books is reminiscent of Spaced in its hilarious portrayal of quirky characters and their misadventures in a unique setting. While Spaced follows Tim and Daisy, two North Londoners pretending to be a couple to afford an apartment, Black Books centers around Bernard Black, the grumpy owner of a bookshop with questionable customer service skills. Both series excel in their clever writing, brilliant acting, and a knack for introducing audiences to fantastic little-known bands. However, Black Books stands out with its distinct focus on the bookshop setting and the dynamic between Bernard, his employee Manny, and Fran from the shop next door. With its quick wit and offbeat humor, Black Books is a must-watch for fans of Spaced looking for another dose of British comedy brilliance.

Release date: September, 2000
IMDB Rating: 8.5
19 Hilarious Comedy Movies Similar to Black Books

9) WWE Smackdown!

WWE Smackdown! is a weekly two-hour showdown where superstars of World Wrestling Entertainment engage in elaborate, long-running rivalries. It may seem odd to compare it to a domestic comedy series like Spaced, but hear me out. Just as Tim and Daisy in Spaced pretend to be a couple to afford an apartment, the wrestlers in Smackdown put on a show that blurs the line between reality and fiction. The similarities don't end there. Both shows take place in the late 90s and early 2000s, capturing the essence of the time. However, the differences are clear. While Spaced is known for its brilliant writing and acting, Smackdown shines with its larger-than-life characters and exciting wrestling matches. So, if you're looking for a different kind of entertainment that will keep you hooked for hours, give Smackdown a try. Just don't expect any romantic comedy moments or lemon jelly soundtracks.

Release date: April, 1999
IMDB Rating: 7.2

10) The Practice

Release date: March, 1997
IMDB Rating: 7.7

11) WWE Sunday Night Heat

WWE Sunday Night Heat is reminiscent of Spaced because they both take place in the late 90s and early 2000s. While Spaced is a comedy series about two friends pretending to be a couple to afford an apartment, Heat showcases the Superstars of World Wrestling Entertainment's "Raw" brand. Although Heat may not be as fast-paced or high-flying as other wrestling shows, it offers exclusive matches and behind-the-scenes glimpses that you won't find elsewhere. Plus, Heat has its own unique charm with mid-carders like Lo Down and the comedic duo of Joe and Kaientai.

Release date: August, 1998
IMDB Rating: 5.9

12) Becker

Becker. Dr. John Becker, the grumpy doctor who hates life and everything around him, reminds me a lot of the main character in Spaced. Both series feature protagonists who are dissatisfied with their lives and have a cynical worldview. While Tim and Daisy from Spaced pretend to be a couple to afford an apartment, Becker goes through his daily routine of being a doctor and stops at his favorite diner. The humor in both shows comes from the characters' sarcastic and pessimistic remarks about the world around them. However, there are some differences between the two. Spaced is set in 1990s North London and has a more action-oriented plot, while Becker is set in the 2000s US and focuses on the daily life of a doctor. Despite their differences, if you enjoyed the witty banter and dry humor in Spaced, you'll definitely find Becker to be a charming and hilarious series worth watching.

Release date: November, 1998
IMDB Rating: 7.3

13) My Secret Identity

Release date: October, 1988
IMDB Rating: 7.1

14) Masked Rider

Masked Rider, released in 1995, is reminiscent of the main movie, Spaced. Both movies fall into the action and comedy genres, but that's where the similarities end. While Spaced is a well-written and genuinely funny series set in 1990s London, Masked Rider fails to capture the same charm. The plot of Masked Rider revolves around a spin-off of Power Rangers, but the cut editing and poor execution make it hard to enjoy. The characters are annoying, the villains are stupid, and the atmosphere feels more like a TGIF sitcom than a superhero show. In contrast, Spaced boasts brilliant acting, a kicking soundtrack, and a clever premise of two friends pretending to be a couple to afford an apartment. If you're a fan of Spaced, I'd advise skipping Masked Rider and instead checking out other action-packed comedy series like Black Books or Mystic Knights of Tir Ra Nog.

Release date: October, 1995
IMDB Rating: 6.3

15) Rumble in the Bronx

"Rumble in the Bronx" takes you on a wild ride through the streets of New York City, where a young man with impressive martial arts skills finds himself battling street gangs and the mob. Although it may not live up to some of Jackie Chan's later work, this movie showcases his unique ability to seamlessly blend heart-stopping action with rolling-on-the-floor comedy. The action sequences, though a bit sparse, are nothing short of excellent, keeping you on the edge of your seat. However, the plot takes a backseat here, serving as an excuse to showcase two big scenes: the epic kung-fu battle with the gang and the thrilling hovercraft scene. While some scenes will have you laughing out loud, others may leave you scratching your head, as they lack the refreshing humor that has become Jackie Chan's trademark. Despite its flaws, "Rumble in the Bronx" is still an enjoyable watch, earning a solid 6 stars out of 10.

Release date: January, 1995
IMDB Rating: 6.7

16) Mr. Nice Guy

Mr. Nice Guy is reminiscent of Spaced because both movies fall under the comedy genre and have a touch of action. While Spaced is a series set in 1990s London, Mr. Nice Guy is a cinema movie set in Hong Kong. The plot of Mr. Nice Guy revolves around a Chinese chef who accidentally gets involved with a news reporter and ends up being chased by gangs. On the other hand, Spaced follows the story of two friends who pretend to be a couple in order to live in an affordable apartment. Both movies have their own unique charm and humor, with Mr. Nice Guy showcasing Jackie Chan's impressive and fast stunt choreography, and Spaced providing genuinely laugh-out-loud moments with its well-written script and brilliant acting. If you enjoyed the comedic aspects of Spaced and are a fan of Jackie Chan's action-packed films, then you should definitely give Mr. Nice Guy a watch.

Release date: January, 1997
IMDB Rating: 6.2

17) McCinsey's Island

McCinsey's Island: A former secret agent finds a treasure map and decides to find the loot. But he is not the only one. While watching this movie, you can't help but be reminded of Spaced, the cult comedy series from the late 90s. Both share the comedic element, but in very different ways. Spaced is a cleverly written and brilliantly acted sitcom that appeals to a wide audience, whereas McCinsey's Island is more of a cheesy action-comedy that falls into the "so bad it's good" category. While Spaced is known for its witty dialogue and relatable characters, McCinsey's Island is memorable for its over-the-top plot and Hulk Hogan's questionable acting skills. If you loved the quirky humor and genuine laughs of Spaced, then McCinsey's Island might just be the guilty pleasure you're looking for. So grab some popcorn, lower your expectations, and enjoy the absurdity of this treasure hunting adventure.

Release date: June, 2000
IMDB Rating: 3.2

18) Initial D

Release date: June, 2005
IMDB Rating: 6.3

19) The World's End

In "The World's End," five friends reunite to conquer the pub crawl they failed to complete twenty years ago, but little do they know that their quest will inadvertently lead to saving humanity. This film, like its predecessors in the Cornetto Trilogy ("Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz"), is a wild and fun ride filled with unexpected and crazy twists. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost switch roles from their previous movies, with Frost being the one who has it together while Pegg's character falls apart, adding a refreshing dynamic to their hilarious partnership. The supporting cast, including the standout Eddie Marsan, delivers equally funny performances. With great one-liners and absolutely hilarious moments, "The World's End" is a must-watch for fans of "Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz," as well as anyone who enjoys wild and fun movies. It's funny, clever, and a hell of a ride.

Release date: July, 2013
IMDB Rating: 6.9

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