14 Movies Like La La Land That Will Make Your Heart Sing

Get ready to be swept off your feet with these 14 movies that capture the same enchanting and heartwarming magic as "La La Land". From the dazzling lights of Los Angeles to the mesmerizing melodies of music and the irresistible chemistry between the characters, these films will make your heart sing. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and prepare to be transported into a world where dreams come true and love conquers all.

1) Guava Island

Guava Island: I thought that the writing was pretty much average, but in this case, and knowing Gambino´s work as well as Murai's, I can tell that this is a case in which quality of the story can be overshadowed by excellent direction and photography as well as an ambitious way to merge Gambino's music with the story itself. It puts you in a pretty relaxing tropical vibe throughout all 55 minutes of runtime (which I find an excellent format to make a movie, I would like to see more short films like this), and of course Gambino's always quirky characters make you rapidly fall for him and his dreams. Some things were predictable in the way the story was told, others didn't make much sense to me, but I find it to be an entertaining movie that brings you some joy and offers you a refreshing experience in the greater scheme of cinema.

Release date: April, 2019
IMDB Rating: 6.6

2) Marriage Story

Marriage Story: Noah Baumbach's incisive and compassionate look at a marriage breaking up and a family staying together. While La La Land showcased the beauty of love and aspirations in Los Angeles, Marriage Story takes a different approach, delving into the complexities and struggles of a failing marriage. The movie is carried by its stellar acting performances from Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson, who skillfully convey the raw emotions and turmoil experienced by their characters. The story avoids painting a black and white picture of divorce, instead presenting a nuanced and realistic portrayal where both parties share responsibility. This heartfelt exploration of love and loss is a must-watch for its powerful acting and thought-provoking narrative.

Release date: November, 2019
IMDB Rating: 7.9

3) Begin Again

Begin Again is reminiscent of La La Land in its portrayal of the music industry and the transformative power of music. Both movies center around the lives of struggling musicians who find solace, inspiration, and love through their art. While La La Land focuses on the jazz scene in Los Angeles, Begin Again explores the music business in Manhattan. Despite their different settings, both films capture the raw emotions and challenges faced by aspiring artists. La La Land's dreamy and whimsical nature is mirrored in Begin Again, with its heartfelt performances and catchy original music. However, Begin Again offers a more realistic and grounded perspective, showcasing the grittier side of the music industry. With its relatable characters and soulful soundtrack, Begin Again is a must-watch for anyone who enjoyed the magic and romance of La La Land, but craves a slightly more down-to-earth and authentic experience.

Release date: July, 2014
IMDB Rating: 7.4

4) Heartsong

Heartsong, also known as "Gönül," is a movie that will remind you of La La Land in some ways. Both films fall under the genres of Comedy, Drama, Music, and Romance. While La La Land is set in Los Angeles, Heartsong takes us to Turkey. The main characters in both movies are musicians, but their journeys are quite different. La La Land tells the story of a pianist and an actress in love, navigating their careers in LA. On the other hand, Heartsong follows a nomadic musician who falls for a bride and has to save her life. While La La Land is visually stunning and swept audiences off their feet with its flare and beauty, Heartsong presents a more scattered timeline to convey a message about love and creating something out of nothing. The cinematography in Heartsong is impressive, with elaborate angles and nature scenes that revive the film's atmosphere.

Release date: August, 2022
IMDB Rating: 5.8

5) Siren

Siren is a movie that you should watch if you loved La La Land. While La La Land took us on a magical journey through the lives of a pianist and an actress in Los Angeles, Siren transports us into the world of an ordinary overweight middle-aged wife and mom who has an extraordinary dream of becoming a rock star. Both movies share the key topic of a musician pursuing their passion, but the similarities end there. La La Land captivated us with its enchanting jazz music and beautiful love story, while Siren promises to be a low-budget indie gem that explores the protagonist's transformation and her journey to overcome life's obstacles. So, if you're in the mood for a heartwarming and relatable tale of dreams and desires, Siren is definitely the movie for you.

Release date: June, 2023
IMDB Rating: 2.2

6) Izzy Gets the Fuck Across Town

"Izzy Gets the Fuck Across Town" is reminiscent of "La La Land" in its portrayal of struggling musicians in the vibrant city of Los Angeles. While "La La Land" tells a sweet love story between a pianist and an actress, "Izzy Gets the Fuck Across Town" takes a different approach by following a woman at rock bottom who must find her way across the city to crash her ex-boyfriend's engagement party. Both films explore the themes of music, dreams, and the pursuit of happiness in the face of adversity. However, while "La La Land" enchants with its dazzling musical numbers and romantic storyline, "Izzy Gets the Fuck Across Town" embraces a more indie, anarchic spirit reminiscent of the bare bones, low budget slacker films of the 90's.

Release date: June, 2018
IMDB Rating: 5.6

7) Juliet, Naked

Juliet, Naked is a delightful film that shares some striking similarities with La La Land. Both movies revolve around the lives of musicians, but while La La Land showcases the vibrant jazz scene in Los Angeles, Juliet, Naked explores the story of a faded singer-songwriter, Tucker Crowe. The characters in both films are deeply passionate about music, and their lives intertwine with their artistic pursuits. La La Land captures the essence of dreamers pursuing their ambitions, while Juliet, Naked delves into the complexities of relationships and the unexpected connections that can be formed through music. While La La Land is a grand, sweeping musical, Juliet, Naked takes a more understated approach, focusing on the heartfelt performances of its talented cast. Both films have a captivating soundtrack that adds an extra layer of charm to their stories. If you loved the music, romance, and whimsy of La La Land, Juliet, Naked is a must-watch that offers a unique perspective on the power of music and love.

Release date: August, 2018
IMDB Rating: 6.6

8) Frank

Frank is reminiscent of La La Land in its exploration of the music industry and the eccentric characters within it. While La La Land focuses on the love story between a pianist and an actress, Frank tells the story of a young musician who joins an eccentric pop band led by the enigmatic Frank. Both movies showcase the struggles and aspirations of musicians, but in different ways. La La Land portrays the glamour and dreams of Hollywood, while Frank delves into the quirkiness and unpredictability of the indie music scene. While La La Land is a romantic musical, Frank is a dark comedy with a touch of drama. Despite their differences, both movies captivate the audience with their unique perspectives on the music world and the characters that inhabit it. If you enjoyed the musical elements and the exploration of artistic passion in La La Land, you will find Frank to be a fascinating and offbeat take on the music industry.

Release date: July, 2014
IMDB Rating: 6.9

9) The Midnight Orchestra

The Midnight Orchestra is reminiscent of La La Land in its exploration of the world of musicians and the transformative power of music. While La La Land tells the story of a pianist and an actress falling in love in Los Angeles, The Midnight Orchestra follows the son of a once famous Jewish musician who returns to his home country of Morocco to bury his father. As he meets the members of his father's band, his life takes an unexpected turn. Both movies use music as a central theme to drive the narrative and evoke emotions. However, while La La Land is a romantic musical with a vibrant and energetic atmosphere, The Midnight Orchestra delves into a serious and little examined subject - the forced departure of the Jewish community from Morocco following the Yom Kippur war. Despite its good intentions, The Midnight Orchestra falls short in terms of direction, production, and acting.

Release date: March, 2016
IMDB Rating: 6.8

10) Becks letzter Sommer

"Becks letzter Sommer" is a charming movie that shares similarities with "La La Land." Both films explore the lives of musicians, but while "La La Land" focuses on a pianist and an actress falling in love in Los Angeles, "Becks letzter Sommer" tells the story of a frustrated music teacher and former musician who discovers a talented pupil and decides to help him into the music business. In both movies, music plays a central role, driving the plot forward and allowing the characters to express themselves. However, "Becks letzter Sommer" takes a different approach by delving into themes of life crisis and self-discovery, while also exploring moral ambiguity. The film introduces multiple storylines and characters with their own problems, which some viewers may find challenging to follow. Nevertheless, the film manages to juggle these themes and leave audiences questioning the nature of moral right and wrong.

Release date: July, 2015
IMDB Rating: 5.8

11) Half Moon

Half Moon is reminiscent of La La Land in its exploration of the power of music and the pursuit of dreams. While La La Land takes place in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, Half Moon tells the story of Mamo, an old Kurdish musician living in Iran, who plans to give one final concert in Iraqi Kurdistan. Both movies beautifully capture the passion and determination of their main characters as they navigate the challenges of their respective journeys. However, while La La Land is a romantic musical, Half Moon delves into the cultural and political complexities of its setting, highlighting the forbidden nature of Iranian women singing in public. Half Moon offers a poignant and thought-provoking narrative that sheds light on the struggles faced by Kurdish people, making it a must-watch for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of cultural barriers and the power of music to transcend them.

Release date: April, 2008
IMDB Rating: 7.2

12) Victorious

Victorious is a series that takes you back to your childhood memories. Just like La La Land, it revolves around young individuals pursuing their dreams in Los Angeles. While La La Land tells the story of a pianist and an actress falling in love, Victorious follows aspiring singer Tori Vega as she navigates life in a performing arts high school called Hollywood Arts. Both movies share the genres of Comedy, Drama, Music, and Romance, and they capture the charm and allure of Los Angeles. La La Land's stunning cinematography and jazz music transport you to the magical world of the entertainment industry, while Victorious brings back the nostalgia of high school friendships and the pursuit of stardom. Although La La Land is a cinematic masterpiece with numerous nominations and wins, Victorious is a lighthearted series that will make you laugh and reminisce about your carefree days.

Release date: December, 2010
IMDB Rating: 7

13) The Rocker

The Rocker is reminiscent of La La Land in its portrayal of musicians chasing their dreams. While La La Land focuses on the romantic relationship between a pianist and an actress in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, The Rocker tells the story of a drummer who is abandoned by his band just before they hit rock stardom. Fast forward twenty years later, and he gets a second chance at fame when he joins his teenage nephew's high school rock band. Both movies explore themes of passion, ambition, and the pursuit of success in the music industry. However, while La La Land is a romantic musical with stunning choreography and a captivating storyline, The Rocker leans more towards comedy and showcases the hilarious journey of its characters. With likable characters, funny moments, and catchy music, The Rocker is a delightful film that offers an enjoyable and light-hearted take on the world of music.

Release date: December, 2008
IMDB Rating: 6.2

14) Summertime

"Summertime" is a delightful film that captures the essence of a hot summer day in Los Angeles, much like "La La Land" did for its characters' aspirations. While "La La Land" focused on the love story between a pianist and an actress, "Summertime" takes a different approach by intersecting the lives of 25 young Angelinos. Both films share the genres of Comedy, Drama, and Music, but "La La Land" added the elements of Musical and Romance. While "La La Land" received numerous nominations and wins, "Summertime" has also garnered praise with its nominations. What makes "Summertime" stand out is its ability to bring joy and enrichment through the lives of its characters, reminding us that big budgets and Hollywood glam aren't necessary for a captivating cinematic experience. The heartfelt review from a 70-year-old viewer highlights the film's ability to evoke emotions and provide a glimpse into different perspectives.

Release date: July, 2021
IMDB Rating: 6.4

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