8 Must-Watch Movies Similar to L.A. Confidential

L.A. Confidential: Get ready to dive into a mesmerizing world of corruption, crime, and mystery with this classic film. Set in 1950s Los Angeles, three uniquely different policemen team up to solve a series of murders, each bringing their own brand of justice to the table. If you loved the thrilling combination of drama and suspense in L.A. Confidential, you won't want to miss these 8 must-watch movies that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

1) Mulholland Falls

Mulholland Falls is reminiscent of L.A. Confidential in its portrayal of 1950s Los Angeles and its exploration of corruption and murder. Just like the strait-laced, brutal, and sleazy policemen in L.A. Confidential, the four unorthodox and often unethical cops in Mulholland Falls are willing to do whatever it takes to dispense justice. These cops, played by Nick Nolte, Chaz Palminteri, Mike Madsen, and Chris Penn, have their own methods of dealing with criminals, whether it's tossing them down Mullholland Falls or tearing them up with a handy blackjack. The movie takes an interesting turn when the cops find themselves going up against the government and military, implicating high-ranking officials in a case that involves nuclear testing. Mulholland Falls also features a fantastic cast, including John Malkovich as the dreamy Atomic Energy Commissioner.

Release date: November, 1996
IMDB Rating: 6.3

2) The Badge

The Badge is reminiscent of L.A. Confidential in its portrayal of corruption and murder in a gritty crime setting. While L.A. Confidential takes us back to 1950s Los Angeles, The Badge brings us to a small town where Sheriff Hardwick investigates the death of a transsexual woman. Both movies delve into the dark underbelly of society, highlighting the seedy dealings and police corruption that exist. However, the similarities end there. L.A. Confidential boasts an ensemble cast with standout performances from Kim Basinger, Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe, and Guy Pearce, while The Badge features Billy Bob Thornton, Patricia Arquette, William Devane, and Sela Ward. The Badge may not have received as many nominations or wins as L.A. Confidential, but it still offers an intriguing and suspenseful neo-noir experience that crime movie enthusiasts will enjoy.

Release date: September, 2002
IMDB Rating: 6.1

3) Fire of Conscience

Fire of Conscience is reminiscent of L.A. Confidential because both movies explore the theme of police corruption. In L.A. Confidential, the story takes place in 1950s Los Angeles, where three policemen investigate a series of murders while dealing with their own brand of justice. Similarly, Fire of Conscience follows a police captain who tries to prove his partner's innocence while facing a corrupt bureau. However, while L.A. Confidential is a neo-noir crime thriller with a multi-layered and smart narrative, Fire of Conscience falls short in terms of pacing and storytelling. Despite its technical prowess and beautifully staged action sequences, the film lacks excitement and becomes routine and boring. Additionally, while L.A. Confidential boasts an ensemble cast with standout performances, Fire of Conscience struggles with its characters, particularly the wooden portrayal by Leon Lai. Nevertheless, Richie Jen shines as the corrupt cop, bringing a menacing confidence to his role.

Release date: April, 2010
IMDB Rating: 6.2

4) The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects: In this '90s classic, The Usual Suspects, we are taken on a thrilling ride as the sole survivor of a pier shoot-out recounts the events that started with five criminals meeting in a seemingly random police lineup. Just like L.A. Confidential, this film keeps you on the edge of your seat with its intricate storytelling. Both movies fall under the genres of Crime, Drama, Mystery, and Thriller, and they both explore the dark underbelly of society. While L.A. Confidential focuses on corruption in 1950s Los Angeles, The Usual Suspects delves into the world of criminals and an unreliable narrator. The performances in both films are outstanding, with Kevin Spacey shining in both of his roles. If you enjoyed L.A. Confidential, you definitely won't want to miss The Usual Suspects. It will keep you guessing until the very end with its surprise twists and turns.

Release date: May, 1996
IMDB Rating: 8.5
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5) Life Sentence

Life Sentence is reminiscent of L.A. Confidential because both movies delve into the dark world of corruption and crime. In L.A. Confidential, set in 1950s Los Angeles, three very different policemen team up to investigate a series of murders and fight against police corruption. Similarly, Life Sentence tells the story of Tarzan, a former felon who is blackmailed by a corrupt policeman and forced to commit a crime. Both films explore the moral dilemma faced by their protagonists, as they are caught between a life of goodness and the lure of evil. While L.A. Confidential focuses on the seamy side of post-World War II Los Angeles, Life Sentence shines a light on the corrupt police forces prevailing in Mexico. With their gripping plots and compelling performances, both movies captivate audiences with their exploration of the consequences of corruption. If you enjoyed L.A.

Release date: August, 1979
IMDB Rating: 7.1

6) Angaar

Angaar, released in 1992, is reminiscent of L.A. Confidential. While it may not have the same critical acclaim or star-studded cast, Angaar deserves recognition for its awesome direction, characters, screenplay, and dialogues. It is a classic gangster flick that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The movie revolves around an angry slum-dweller who is arrested, found guilty, and institutionalized. The storyline shares similarities with L.A. Confidential, as both movies touch upon corruption, murder, and the dark side of society. However, Angaar takes place in the 1990s and focuses on the life of a gangster, while L.A. Confidential is set in 1950s Los Angeles and delves into police corruption and a series of murders. Despite their differences, if you enjoyed L.A. Confidential, you should definitely give Angaar a watch.

Release date: September, 1992
IMDB Rating: 6.7

7) Deep Cover

Deep Cover is reminiscent of L.A. Confidential, with both films falling into the neo-noir genre and exploring themes of corruption. While L.A. Confidential is set in 1950s Los Angeles and follows three policemen investigating a series of murders, Deep Cover takes place in the 1990s and focuses on a cop who goes undercover to infiltrate a drug smuggling ring. Both movies feature morally complex characters who are forced to navigate a web of deceit and betrayal. L.A. Confidential captivates with its multi-layered narrative and outstanding ensemble cast, including Kim Basinger in her Oscar-winning role. On the other hand, Deep Cover surprises with its gripping script and excellent performances by Laurence Fishburne and Jeff Goldblum. If you enjoyed the seedy side of 1950s Los Angeles in L.A. Confidential, you'll appreciate Deep Cover's exploration of the drug underworld in a more contemporary setting.

Release date: April, 1992
IMDB Rating: 6.9

8) Sin City

Sin City takes you on a mesmerizing journey through the dark and gloomy streets of Basin City, just like L.A. Confidential did with 1950s Los Angeles. While L.A. Confidential delves into the corrupt underbelly of post-WWII Los Angeles through the eyes of three distinct policemen, Sin City explores the lives of three residents who find themselves entangled in violent corruption. Both movies embrace the neo-noir genre, immersing you in a world of crime, mystery, and thriller. However, Sin City adds a unique twist by basing its story on a graphic novel, resulting in a visually stunning black and white aesthetic with splashes of color. The performances in both movies are outstanding, with memorable characters like Marv and Miho in Sin City, played brilliantly by Mickey Rourke and Devon Aoki respectively. Sin City is a thrilling and visually captivating film that will leave you wanting more, especially if you enjoyed the gritty atmosphere and intricate plot of L.A.

Release date: June, 2005
IMDB Rating: 8
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