15 Incredible Movies Similar to Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones may have come to an end, but fear not, for we have compiled a list of 15 incredible movies that will transport you to epic battles, intricate political schemes, and fantastical realms. Get ready to embark on a journey through the realms of action, adventure, drama, and fantasy as you explore the gripping tales of noble families vying for power and the return of ancient enemies.

1) House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon is reminiscent of Game of Thrones, but with a twist. Set 172 years before the birth of Daenerys Targaryen, it takes us back to the height of House Targaryen's power and an internal succession war. While House of the Dragon may not reach the same epic heights as its predecessor, it still captures that familiar Game of Thrones feel with its action, drama, and mystery. So, if you loved the original, House of the Dragon is definitely worth a watch. It has already broken records with the most-watched premiere in HBO history and has been renewed for another season. Don't compare it to the original, just take it for what it is - a really good show that will no doubt be successful in its own right. With a talented cast, including Matt Smith and Graham McTavish, and a compelling plot, House of the Dragon has the potential to become just as addictive as Game of Thrones.

Release date: August, 2022
IMDB Rating: 8.5
16 Must-Watch Movies Similar to House of the Dragon

2) The Adventurers

The Adventurers is reminiscent of Game of Thrones in terms of their shared key topics of politics and revolution. However, while Game of Thrones is set in a fantasy world, The Adventurers takes place in the real world. The plot of The Adventurers revolves around a wealthy playboy who returns to his home country to lead a revolution against a corrupt government. In contrast, Game of Thrones follows nine noble families fighting for control over the lands of Westeros while an ancient enemy returns. Both series explore themes of power struggle and political intrigue, but Game of Thrones adds elements of dragons, incest, and nudity to the mix. While Game of Thrones has a runtime of 57 hours, The Adventurers is a three-hour film. If you enjoyed the complex political maneuverings and power struggles of Game of Thrones, you might find The Adventurers to be an interesting real-world take on similar themes.

Release date: March, 1970
IMDB Rating: 5.3

3) Shakugan No Shana

Shakugan No Shana, also known as Shakugan no Shana, is reminiscent of Game of Thrones in its captivating storyline. While Game of Thrones focuses on nine noble families battling for control over Westeros, Shakugan No Shana tells the tale of Sakai Yuuji, a high school boy who discovers he is dead and a torch, saved by Shana, a flame haze with burning eyes. Both series involve a protagonist caught in a world of danger and supernatural elements. However, unlike Game of Thrones, Shakugan No Shana takes a lighter approach, with no gore and a romantic undertone. The series is fulfilling and leaves the viewer feeling great, with a unique romantic feeling that makes you truly fond of Shana. The animation may not be the best, but the overall experience is superb.

Release date: September, 2005
IMDB Rating: 7

4) Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia

Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia is a delightful series that will transport you to a world of adventure and magic. Just like Game of Thrones, it captivates you with its intricate plot and fascinating characters. While Game of Thrones is known for its political drama and epic battles, Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia offers a unique blend of action, comedy, and fantasy. It tells the story of an ordinary boy who becomes a Trollhunter, a guardian of the human and troll worlds. The series is beautifully animated and has a light and quirky tone that will appeal to both kids and adults. With its detailed world-building, complex character relationships, and clever plot twists, Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia is a must-watch for anyone craving a captivating and imaginative adventure.

Release date: December, 2016
IMDB Rating: 8.4

5) Fate/Zero

Fate/Zero is a captivating anime series that bears certain resemblances to Game of Thrones. Both shows involve a fierce struggle for power, with various factions vying for control. In Game of Thrones, nine noble families compete for dominance over the lands of Westeros, while in Fate/Zero, seven mages and their summoned heroic spirits battle each other for the Holy Grail, a magical device that grants any wish. These power dynamics give rise to complex political intrigues and alliances, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. However, while Game of Thrones is set in a medieval fantasy world, Fate/Zero takes place in a modern-day urban setting with supernatural elements. Additionally, Fate/Zero delivers its narrative through the lens of anime animation, infusing the story with vibrant visuals and evocative music. If you're a fan of Game of Thrones and crave a thrilling tale of power struggles, action, and drama, Fate/Zero should be next on your watchlist.

Release date: April, 2015
IMDB Rating: 8.2

6) K-20: The Fiend with Twenty Faces

K-20: The Fiend with Twenty Faces is a Japanese superhero movie that captivates viewers with its breathtaking action scenes and realistic special effects. Set in a fictional Japanese city in 1949, the film follows the story of K-20, a master criminal who targets his latest victim. Reminiscent of Game of Thrones, K-20: The Fiend with Twenty Faces immerses audiences in a world where characters are driven by their quests for power and justice. While Game of Thrones explores the intricate politics of Westeros, K-20: The Fiend with Twenty Faces focuses on the acrobatic stunts and stunning fight scenes between K-20 and Heikichi. With its engrossing plot and impressive visuals, K-20: The Fiend with Twenty Faces is a must-watch for fans of Japanese cinema and those who appreciate captivating action movies.

Release date: December, 2008
IMDB Rating: 6.6

7) How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World takes flight with a tale of friendship and adventure that is reminiscent of Game of Thrones. Both stories feature majestic dragons as key elements, captivating viewers with their mythical allure. While Game of Thrones trades political intrigue and nudity for a family-friendly tone, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World offers a heartwarming and thrilling conclusion to the beloved trilogy. With stunning animation and a delightful cast of characters, this film will transport you to a hidden world of wonder and leave you with a sense of awe.

Release date: February, 2019
IMDB Rating: 7.4

8) DreamWorks Dragons

"**DreamWorks Dragons**" is a fantastic series that will surely captivate fans of "Game of Thrones". Just like its counterpart, "DreamWorks Dragons" takes you on an epic adventure filled with dragons, action, and drama. While "Game of Thrones" focuses on the power struggle between noble families, "DreamWorks Dragons" revolves around Hiccup and his friends as they navigate life on the Island of Berk. Both shows share a common theme of dragons, which adds an exciting and mythical element to their stories. However, "DreamWorks Dragons" brings a more family-friendly approach with its animation style and lighter tone. Despite their differences in target audience and animation quality, "DreamWorks Dragons" manages to maintain engaging plotlines and high-stakes adventures that will leave you wanting more. So if you're a fan of dragons, adventure, and unforgettable characters, "DreamWorks Dragons" is a must-watch series that will transport you to a world beyond your imagination.

Release date: March, 2013
IMDB Rating: 7.9

9) Pete's Dragon

Pete's Dragon, released in 2016, shares some similarities with the beloved Game of Thrones. While Game of Thrones is an epic fantasy series set in a politically charged world of Westeros, Pete's Dragon takes a more family-friendly approach. Both stories involve dragons, but in different ways. Game of Thrones uses dragons to symbolize power, while Pete's Dragon explores the heartwarming bond between an orphaned boy named Pete and his invisible dragon friend, Elliott. Despite their differences in tone and target audience, both Game of Thrones and Pete's Dragon captivate viewers with their fantastical elements. So, if you're looking to experience the magic of dragons in a more lighthearted and family-oriented setting, Pete's Dragon is a delightful choice.

Release date: August, 2016
IMDB Rating: 6.7

10) Dragons: Race to the Edge

Dragons: Race to the Edge is reminiscent of Game of Thrones, but with a delightful animated twist. While Game of Thrones captivated audiences with its epic battles, political intrigue, and complex characters, Dragons: Race to the Edge delivers a similar level of excitement and adventure, but in a family-friendly package. Both shows explore the theme of dragons, but Dragons: Race to the Edge takes it a step further by showcasing an array of colorful and unique dragon species. The plot summary of Dragons: Race to the Edge promises an exploration of the Dragon Eye and encounters with more dragons than anyone could ever imagine. Just like Game of Thrones, this animated series offers thrilling action sequences and interesting character development. While Game of Thrones may have nine noble families vying for control over the lands of Westeros, Dragons: Race to the Edge introduces us to the heartwarming bond between Hiccup, Toothless, and the Dragon Riders.

Release date: June, 2015
IMDB Rating: 8.2

11) The Dragon Prince

The Dragon Prince, released in 2018, is reminiscent of Game of Thrones, the main movie. Both are series that captivate audiences with epic quests for power and the battle between good and evil. While Game of Thrones is set in a medieval world with nine noble families vying for control over Westeros, The Dragon Prince takes us on a journey with two human princes and an elfin assassin as they strive to bring peace to their warring lands. Both series feature dragons as key elements, showcasing the mystical and fantastical aspects of their respective worlds. However, Game of Thrones delves into the complex web of politics and intertwining storylines, while The Dragon Prince leans more towards a family-friendly animation style. With its intriguing plot and well-developed characters, The Dragon Prince is a must-watch for fans of Game of Thrones, offering a similar sense of adventure and magic in a format suitable for all ages.

Release date: September, 2018
IMDB Rating: 8.3

12) The Familiar of Zero

The Familiar of Zero, also known as Zero no tsukaima, is an anime series that transports an ordinary teen named Saito from Japan to the magical kingdom of Halkeginia. There, he becomes the familiar servant of Louise, a young girl attending a school for aristocrat magicians. While Game of Thrones and The Familiar of Zero may seem like unlikely companions, they share a common thread of being based on novels and immersing viewers in fantastical worlds. However, their tones and settings differ vastly. Game of Thrones is a gripping, politically charged epic set in the lands of Westeros, where nine noble families vie for power and an ancient enemy threatens their existence. On the other hand, The Familiar of Zero takes a lighter approach, blending elements of comedy, romance, and adventure in a magical academy.

Release date: July, 2006
IMDB Rating: 7

13) The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower, released in 2017, is reminiscent of Game of Thrones. Both films delve into fantastical worlds, filled with epic battles and characters with extraordinary abilities. However, while Game of Thrones captivates us with its intricate political landscape and complex character relationships, The Dark Tower falls short in terms of storytelling and character development. It fails to capture the essence of the source material, leaving King fans disappointed and craving for more. The action scenes feel rushed, the acting lacks depth, and the abundance of deus ex machina moments is nothing short of arrogant. Moreover, the decision to deviate so drastically from the original story is unforgivable, especially for a tale as beloved and intricate as The Dark Tower. Despite having talented actors like Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey, their potential is wasted due to the lack of a compelling narrative.

Release date: August, 2017
IMDB Rating: 5.6

14) Candle in the Tomb: The Lost Caverns

Candle in the Tomb: The Lost Caverns is a thrilling adventure that takes place in the Shaanxi region. Just like Game of Thrones, this series is based on a novel and explores ancient tombs. While Game of Thrones focuses on the power struggle of noble families in Westeros, Candle in the Tomb follows a trio of Tomb Raiders as they delve into a mysterious tomb. Both shows have a touch of fantasy and adventure, but Candle in the Tomb adds an extra element of horror and mystery. The Chinese setting and cultural references give this series a unique flavor that sets it apart from its Western counterpart. If you enjoyed the epic storytelling and intrigue of Game of Thrones, then Candle in the Tomb: The Lost Caverns will keep you on the edge of your seat with its thrilling exploration of ancient tombs and the supernatural.

Release date: April, 2020
IMDB Rating: 7.3

15) Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver

Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver, also known as Jim Knopf & Lukas der Lokomotivführer, is a delightful cinema movie that shares similarities with Game of Thrones. While Game of Thrones is a gripping series filled with politics, dragons, and intense drama, Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver takes us on an adventurous journey through magical worlds. Both stories are based on novels and showcase a rich and fantastical universe. However, the tone and target audience of these two movies differ greatly. Game of Thrones caters to mature viewers with its complex plot and mature themes, while Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver is a family-friendly film that captures the hearts of children and adults alike. So if you're looking for a whimsical and heartwarming adventure, Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver is the perfect movie for you.

Release date: June, 2018
IMDB Rating: 6.3

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