18 Similar Movies to Dragon Ball Z That Will Blow Your Mind

Get ready to power up with these 18 mind-blowing movies that are similar to Dragon Ball Z. Join epic characters on thrilling adventures filled with action, comedy, drama, and fantasy. Explore new worlds, uncover hidden powers, and defend the planet against extraterrestrial enemies. Experience the same adrenaline rush as you dive into these captivating animated films that will leave you wanting more.

1) Dragon Ball Z Kai

Dragon Ball Z Kai is a worthy watch if you're already a fan of Dragon Ball Z. It's an enhanced and HD remaster of the original series, and although it takes out most of the filler, it still retains some minor bits. The dialogue has improved, with Frieza's new voice actor being a highlight, and the original voice actors giving slightly better performances. The music is also enjoyable, with the Japanese versions of "Dragon Soul," "Yeah! Break! Care! Break!," and "Wings of the Heart" being particularly good. Dragon Ball Z Kai provides a quicker way to experience the Dragon Ball universe, and it's not just for young children, as the DVDs are uncut. So if you're looking for a condensed version of Dragon Ball Z with improved elements, Dragon Ball Z Kai is the way to go. Plus, the Buu Saga is on the way, even though we might not get to see the worms in the UK.

Release date: April, 2009
IMDB Rating: 8.3

2) Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z: Doragon bôru zetto, released in 1989, is an iconic animated series loved by many. Now, let's talk about its reminiscent counterpart, Dragon Ball Z, which came out in 1996. This series takes us on a journey with Goku and his team of fighters as they defend Earth from extraterrestrial enemies, with the help of the powerful Dragonballs. Just like its predecessor, Dragon Ball Z captivates viewers with charismatic characters, epic fighting sequences, and compelling storylines that span thousands of years. However, there are a few differences worth noting. While the original Dragon Ball Z introduced us to a young and courageous Goku, the western TV version of Dragon Ball Z starts the story a bit later in Goku's life. Furthermore, the English-language version of Dragon Ball Z is censored, which unfortunately affects the flow and intensity of some fight scenes, unlike the Japanese version that showcased raw violence and emotional tension.

Release date: September, 1996
IMDB Rating: 8.8
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3) Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball! Let's talk about Dragon Ball, the original series that often gets overshadowed by its sequel, Dragon Ball Z. But skipping Dragon Ball would be a big mistake, my friend. Trust me, I speak from experience. If I had started watching Dragon Ball Z without first diving into the original Dragon Ball, I would have been completely lost. Like, Goku flying around without a Nimbus Cloud lost. Dragon Ball is where Goku's journey begins, and it's where he meets all his iconic friends. Plus, it's where we get to see how Goku evolves as a fighter. And let me tell you, the emotional impact of the deaths in Dragon Ball Z wouldn't hit as hard without the foundation laid in the original series. Take Piccolo, for example. His transition from villain to hero is much more meaningful when you witness how he started out as Goku's main antagonist. It's the most convincing redemption arc from Dragon Ball, alongside Tenshinhan's change of heart.

Release date: February, 1986
IMDB Rating: 8.6
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4) Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super: Dragon Ball Super is reminiscent of Dragon Ball Z, the main movie, as it continues the adventures of Son Goku, Earth's martial arts defender. Both series have the same key topics, such as actor voicing multiple characters and actor playing multiple characters, which adds depth to the storytelling. While Dragon Ball Super has a slightly lower people vote average, it still maintains the humor, action, and fantasy elements that fans love. The plot of Dragon Ball Super takes place six months after the defeat of Majin Buu, with Goku striving to become even stronger. The series introduces new arcs, such as the Tournament between the 7th Universe and the 6th Universe, which promises to be a real highlight. Dragon Ball Super also tackles the issue of English Dub availability, as it is one of the few anime that fans can enjoy in English.

Release date: July, 2015
IMDB Rating: 8.3

5) Dragon Ball GT

Dragon Ball GT is reminiscent of Dragon Ball Z because both series continue the adventures of Goku, the martial arts defender of Earth. In Dragon Ball GT, Goku is transformed into a child again by the Black Star Dragon Balls, and he embarks on a journey to return to his original form. Just like Dragon Ball Z, this series is filled with supernatural powers, thrilling action, and comedic moments. However, Dragon Ball GT differs from its predecessor in several ways. Firstly, Dragon Ball GT introduces the concept of traveling through outer space and exploring different planets, expanding the universe in which the story takes place. Additionally, Dragon Ball GT features an older actors playing younger roles, which adds a unique twist to the series. While some viewers may find the character Pan irritating, she adds a new dynamic to the show and brings a fresh perspective to Goku's adventures. Overall, Dragon Ball GT is a must-watch for fans of Dragon Ball Z who want to see Goku's journey continue in a new and exciting direction.

Release date: February, 1996
IMDB Rating: 6.8

6) Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin is reminiscent of Dragon Ball Z, but with a samurai twist. Both series have a similar runtime and high people vote average, indicating their popularity among fans. While Dragon Ball Z focuses on martial arts action and defending the planet from extraterrestrial enemies, Rurouni Kenshin takes us on the journey of a wandering swordsman in Meiji era Japan who stumbles upon a struggling martial arts school. The similarities lie in their action-packed plots, diverse cast of characters, and the blend of comedy and drama. However, Rurouni Kenshin stands out with its historical setting and darker, more dramatic backgrounds for its characters. The anime delivers memorable sword fights and unforgettable soundtracks, adding to its charm. If you're a fan of Dragon Ball Z or just looking for an anime with great characters, intriguing storylines, and a touch of history, Rurouni Kenshin should be on your watchlist.

Release date: January, 1996
IMDB Rating: 8.5
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7) Dragon Ball: Sleeping Beauty in Devil Castle

Dragon Ball: Sleeping Beauty in Devil Castle takes us back to the origins of Dragon Ball, as Goku and Krillin seek the training of the legendary Master Roshi. In order to become his students, they must embark on a perilous journey to Devil's Castle to rescue the Sleeping Princess from the clutches of Count Lucifer. This movie serves as an alternate retelling of how Goku and Krillin first met and became students of Master Roshi, as well as their encounter with Lunch. While Dragon Ball Z is known for its epic battles and intense storylines, Dragon Ball: Sleeping Beauty in Devil Castle offers a lighter and more comedic tone. With its ghoulish and hellish setting, populated by goblins and night-dwelling beasts, this movie presents a unique and entertaining adventure. Although it may be shorter in duration compared to Dragon Ball Z, fans of the series will appreciate the familiar characters and the opportunity to revisit the early days of Goku's training.

Release date: July, 1987
IMDB Rating: 6.6

8) Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files

Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files is a series that will definitely remind you of Dragon Ball Z, but with its own unique twists. Both shows are beloved by fans and have a similar cult following. While Dragon Ball Z is known for its martial arts action and epic battles, Yu Yu Hakusho takes a different approach with its storyline. The main character, Yusuke Urameshi, dies and is given a chance to come back to life as a spirit detective. This premise sets the stage for a series of thrilling investigations and fighting tournaments. The fights in Yu Yu Hakusho are more intense and keep you on the edge of your seat, without dragging on for too long. The characters in both shows are diverse and well-developed, but Yu Yu Hakusho takes it a step further by giving them more realistic and complex personalities. One standout arc in Yu Yu Hakusho is the Chapter Black Saga, which tells a fascinating story about Sensui.

Release date: October, 1992
IMDB Rating: 8.5

9) Naruto: Shippuden

Naruto: Shippuden, the similar movie, is reminiscent of Dragon Ball Z in many ways. Both series are beloved anime classics that have captured the hearts of fans around the world. They both feature action-packed storylines with martial arts elements and a strong emphasis on friendship and loyalty. The main characters, Naruto Uzumaki and Son Goku, share similar traits as they both possess unwavering determination and a never-give-up attitude. However, Naruto: Shippuden brings its own unique flavor to the table. It delves deeper into the emotional struggles of its characters and explores themes of acceptance and personal growth. While Dragon Ball Z focuses more on epic battles and flashy transformations, Naruto: Shippuden offers a more nuanced and character-driven narrative. The series also tackles darker and more mature themes, making it a compelling watch for those seeking a deeper emotional connection.

Release date: February, 2007
IMDB Rating: 8.7
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10) Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies

Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies is a delightful movie that will transport you back to the world of Dragon Ball Z. While it may not have the same level of epicness as the main series, it still captures the essence of the original show. The movie revolves around Goku and his friends trying to stop King Gurumes from wreaking havoc in the city. The plot is filled with themes of greed, friendship, and martial arts, which are all staples of the Dragon Ball universe. The animation is vibrant and the action sequences are exhilarating, making it an enjoyable watch for fans of the series. Although the movie may not have the same level of depth as Dragon Ball Z, it still manages to capture the spirit and charm of the original. So, if you're looking for a fun and nostalgic trip down memory lane, Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies is definitely worth checking out.

Release date: December, 1986
IMDB Rating: 6.7

11) Outlaw Star

Outlaw Star is a series that will take you on a wild ride through space, reminiscent of Dragon Ball Z. Both shows have a cult following and offer a unique blend of action, adventure, comedy, drama, and sci-fi genres. While Dragon Ball Z focuses on martial arts and the defense of Earth, Outlaw Star takes you on the adventures of an outlaw crew aboard an advanced starship. Both shows feature charismatic characters and explore the theme of friendship. Dragon Ball Z keeps you hooked with its revelation of alien origins, while Outlaw Star captivates you with its antihero protagonist and the crew's pursuit of their dreams.

Release date: January, 1998
IMDB Rating: 7.9

12) Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball are two iconic anime series that share a lot in common. Both shows are part of the long-running Dragon Ball franchise and follow the adventures of Goku, a powerful martial artist with a heart of gold. While Dragon Ball Z focuses on Goku's adult life and his battles against extraterrestrial enemies, Dragon Ball tells the story of Goku's childhood and his quest to become stronger while searching for the mystical Dragon Balls.
The similarities between the two shows are evident in their animation styles, action-packed storylines, and vibrant characters. Both series are known for their epic battles, supernatural powers, and a blend of comedy and drama. Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball have captivated audiences with their intricate plotlines, memorable cast (including the iconic Goku), and their ability to balance intense action with heartwarming moments.
However, despite their similarities, Dragon Ball has a distinct charm of its own.

Release date: September, 1995
IMDB Rating: 8.6
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13) Seis Manos

Seis Manos is a thrilling animated series that will surely captivate fans of Dragon Ball Z. While both shows fall under the martial arts action genre, Seis Manos takes a darker turn, delving into the realms of drug cartels, demonic powers, and ancient rituals. The plot revolves around orphans trained by a martial arts master, who find themselves entangled in a gripping mystery. Seis Manos sets itself apart from Dragon Ball Z by infusing elements of crime and drama, adding a layer of complexity to the storyline. The action sequences are well-choreographed and purposeful, ensuring an engaging viewing experience. Although the series is set in Mexico, it leans more towards an Asian aesthetic, which may resonate with fans of both cultures. With its unique blend of Mexican culture, supernatural elements, and intense action, Seis Manos offers a fresh and exciting take on the martial arts genre.

Release date: October, 2019
IMDB Rating: 7.1

14) Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit

Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit is reminiscent of Dragon Ball Z in its martial arts action and comedic elements. Both movies feature characters with extraordinary powers who must defend their world from enemies. While Dragon Ball Z is a beloved anime series with a strong following, Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit falls short in comparison. The poor lip-syncing and voice acting, as mentioned in one featured review, detract from the movie's enjoyment. Additionally, the first 10-15 minutes fail to capture the audience's interest, leading to a disappointing experience. However, if you're a fan of martial arts animation and looking for a lighthearted watch, Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit might still provide some entertainment value. Just don't expect it to reach the same heights as Dragon Ball Z.

Release date: July, 2011
IMDB Rating: 3.2

15) Sidekicks

A bullied teen who fantasizes about being Chuck Norris' sidekick trains in martial arts to fulfill his dreams. "Sidekicks" is a movie that will take you back to the time when you first watched "Dragon Ball Z" and felt the thrill of martial arts action. While "Dragon Ball Z" is an animated series that follows the adventures of Son Goku in defending Earth from extraterrestrial enemies, "Sidekicks" brings the excitement to the big screen with its story of a teenager overcoming his challenges through martial arts training. Both films capture the essence of martial arts and the determination of their protagonists, but in their own unique ways. "Dragon Ball Z" takes us on an epic journey through multiple sagas, while "Sidekicks" focuses on the personal growth of its main character.

Release date: April, 1993
IMDB Rating: 5.1

16) Knights of the Zodiac

Knights of the Zodiac is reminiscent of Dragon Ball Z because both are beloved anime series from the late 80s, boasting a cult following. While Dragon Ball Z revolves around Earth's martial arts defender, Son Goku, and his battle against extraterrestrial enemies, Knights of the Zodiac tells the story of a group of young warriors known as "Saints" who protect the reincarnation of the goddess Athena from evil forces. Both shows feature epic fights and explore themes of loyalty, courage, and friendship. However, Knights of the Zodiac adds a unique twist by incorporating the concept of constellations and the different "cloth" each warrior possesses. The series also introduces various sagas, such as the Asgard saga and the Poseidon saga, which add depth and excitement to the overall storyline.

Release date: October, 1986
IMDB Rating: 8.5

17) Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light

"Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light" is a delightful series that takes me back to my childhood. The show is nicely animated, with fun characters and plenty of action. It's reminiscent of "Dragon Ball Z" in that both shows feature fantastical elements and intense battles. However, "Visionaries" has its own unique charm. Set in a post-technological loss world, the story revolves around two groups vying for supremacy after a great wizard grants magical powers to fourteen surviving knights. The good Spectral Knights and the evil Darkling Lords engage in an epic battle, making for an exciting and captivating storyline. While "Dragon Ball Z" focuses on martial arts and alien origins, "Visionaries" explores the contrasting dynamics between law-abiding individuals and criminals. The show's repetitive nature might have contributed to its short run, but for those seeking nostalgia and a story of good versus evil, "Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light" is a must-watch.

Release date: September, 1987
IMDB Rating: 7.7

18) Skeleton Warriors

Skeleton Warriors is reminiscent of Dragon Ball Z in several ways. Both shows fall under the genre of animation and have elements of action, adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy, and sci-fi. They both feature a battle between good and evil, with Dragon Ball Z having Earth's martial arts defender, Son Goku, and Skeleton Warriors having Prince Lightstar leading the Legion of Light against Baron Dark, an evil skeleton lord. Despite their differences in setting and characters, both shows explore the themes of friendship, loyalty, and the fight against powerful enemies.
However, there are some noticeable differences between the two. Dragon Ball Z is a long-running series with over 150 episodes, while Skeleton Warriors is a shorter series with 13 episodes. The animation styles are also distinct, with Dragon Ball Z having a more traditional anime look, and Skeleton Warriors incorporating elements of steampunk and cyberpunk sci-fi.

Release date: September, 1994
IMDB Rating: 7

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