10 Movies Like Dersu Uzala That Will Leave You Breathless

Dersu Uzala, a captivating adventure film set in the snowy Siberian wilderness, introduces us to a mesmerizing tale of friendship between an explorer and a seasoned local hunter. If you're left breathless by this cinematic masterpiece, we've curated a list of 10 movies that will transport you to equally breathtaking worlds, with genres ranging from adventure to biography to drama. Prepare to embark on unforgettable journeys and be enchanted by the magic of storytelling.

1) Kid Colter

Kid Colter is a delightful adventure film that will transport you back to the 80s. Just like Dersu Uzala, it takes you into the heart of the wilderness, but with a twist. Instead of the snowy Siberian landscape, we find ourselves in the beautiful Port Angeles area in Washington State. While the movie may not be as intense or well-acted as some classics, it offers a unique blend of childhood espionage and wilderness survival. As a resident of the region, watching Kid Colter was an absolute delight because I couldn't help but try to recognize the roads and areas where the movie was filmed. Sure, there are some geographical inconsistencies, like ferries and trains that don't really exist in the area, and the absence of rattlesnakes, but sometimes you just have to suspend disbelief for the sake of enjoyment.

Release date: October, 1985
IMDB Rating: 5.6

2) Scott of the Antarctic

Scott of the Antarctic is a movie that takes us back to the early 20th century and tells the story of British explorer Robert Falcon Scott's expedition to reach the South Pole. Just like Dersu Uzala, Scott of the Antarctic explores the challenges faced by explorers in harsh and unforgiving environments. While Dersu Uzala takes us to the snowy Siberian wilderness, Scott of the Antarctic immerses us in the icy landscapes of the South Pole. Both movies capture the spirit of adventure and the human will to conquer the unknown. However, where Dersu Uzala focuses on the friendship between a Russian army explorer and a native Siberian, Scott of the Antarctic delves into the determination of Scott and his team to be the first to reach the South Pole. The movies share a similar sense of exploration and the desire to push the limits of human endurance, making Scott of the Antarctic a captivating watch for those who enjoyed Dersu Uzala.

Release date: December, 1948
IMDB Rating: 7

3) Tracks

Tracks is a captivating film that reminds me of Dersu Uzala. Both movies fall under the Adventure, Biography, and Drama genres and tell the stories of individuals embarking on challenging journeys. In Dersu Uzala, we witness a Russian army explorer forming a friendship with a native Siberian hunter, while Tracks follows a young woman as she treks across the deserts of West Australia with her four camels and loyal dog. These films share themes of exploration, resilience, and the beauty of nature. However, where Dersu Uzala showcases the snowy Siberian wilderness, Tracks highlights the vast and harsh Australian desert. Both movies offer unique perspectives on the human spirit and our ability to conquer challenges, making Tracks a must-watch for those who enjoyed the captivating journey depicted in Dersu Uzala.

Release date: March, 2014
IMDB Rating: 7.1

4) The Lost City of Z

The Lost City of Z takes you on a gripping journey to the depths of the Amazon jungle, just like Dersu Uzala does in the snowy Siberian wilderness. Both movies are captivating adventures that delve into the challenges faced by explorers in extreme environments. While Dersu Uzala showcases the friendship between a Russian army explorer and a native hunter, The Lost City of Z focuses on the true-life story of British explorer Major Percival Fawcett, who vanished while searching for a mysterious city in the Amazon. The Lost City of Z, with its dark-toned survival-adventure and realistic script, draws you into the depths of the jungle, evoking a sense of fear and desperation similar to what Apocalypse Now achieves. It's an undervalued motion-picture that skillfully captures the depth of the Amazon and the emotions of its characters.

Release date: April, 2017
IMDB Rating: 6.6

5) Ronia: The Robber's Daughter

Ronia: The Robber's Daughter, also known as Ronja Rövardotter, is reminiscent of Dersu Uzala in its exploration of a unique friendship set in a challenging wilderness. While Dersu Uzala takes place in the snowy Siberian wilderness, Ronia finds herself navigating the dangers of her local forest. Both films beautifully capture the vastness of their respective landscapes, immersing viewers in the untamed beauty of nature. In Dersu Uzala, a Russian army explorer befriends a seasoned local hunter, while in Ronia: The Robber's Daughter, the titular character secretly befriends the son of a rival robber. Both movies emphasize the power of friendship and the resilience of their young protagonists. However, Ronia takes a more fantastical approach, introducing strange creatures and flying witches into its medieval castle setting.

Release date: December, 1984
IMDB Rating: 7.3

6) Tarzan in the City

"Tarzan in the City" is reminiscent of "Dersu Uzala" in its exploration of the clash between nature and civilization. While "Dersu Uzala" takes us on a journey through the snowy Siberian wilderness, "Tarzan in the City" brings the Tarsans, who used to live in the forest, into the urban jungle. Both films showcase the challenges faced by characters adapting to unfamiliar environments. "Dersu Uzala" captivates us with its stunning cinematography, capturing the vastness of Siberia, while "Tarzan in the City" draws us in with its unique take on the Tarzan story. Although "Dersu Uzala" is a critically acclaimed film with multiple award wins, "Tarzan in the City" offers a lighter and more comedic approach, making it a delightful watch for those who enjoy adventure and drama.

Release date: June, 1974
IMDB Rating: 7

7) Into the Wild

"Into the Wild" is reminiscent of "Dersu Uzala" because both movies fall under the Adventure, Biography, and Drama genres. They both explore the theme of wilderness survival and showcase the beauty of nature. While "Dersu Uzala" is set in the snowy Siberian wilderness in 1976, "Into the Wild" takes place in Alaska in 2008. The characters in both films embark on journeys that lead to self-discovery and encounters with different people that shape their lives. "Dersu Uzala" follows a Russian army explorer who forms a friendship with a nomadic Siberian native, while "Into the Wild" tells the story of Christopher McCandless, a top student who abandons his possessions to live in the wilderness. Although the movies have their own unique plotlines, they share a common thread of individuals seeking adventure, solitude, and a deeper connection with nature.

Release date: April, 2008
IMDB Rating: 8.1
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8) Tarzan

Tarzan, unlike its predecessor Dersu Uzala, is a CGI version of the classic tale. While both movies share the common theme of an explorer in the wilderness, Tarzan takes a more action-packed and fantastical approach. It introduces an evil CEO who wants to exploit a giant meteor, adding an exciting corporate angle to the story. However, where Tarzan falls short is in its animation. The CGI characters, especially the humans, lack the realistic touch found in films from Pixar or Dreamworks. The graphics are inconsistent, with some scenes looking great and others appearing primitive. Despite these shortcomings, Tarzan still manages to be an entertaining family film. While not a must-watch, it offers a different spin on the beloved Tarzan character and provides a fun adventure for viewers.

Release date: August, 2014
IMDB Rating: 4.8

9) A Son of Man

A Son of Man takes you on a jungle adventure that is reminiscent of Dersu Uzala. In both films, an explorer embarks on a journey into the wilderness, where they encounter challenges and form unexpected relationships. While Dersu Uzala explores the snowy Siberian landscape, A Son of Man delves into the dense and mysterious jungles of South America. Both movies highlight the beauty of nature and the resilience of the human spirit. However, A Son of Man adds a twist by incorporating familial demons into the narrative, creating a deeper layer of complexity. If you enjoyed Dersu Uzala's exploration of survival and human connection, A Son of Man offers a fresh take on these themes in a different setting.

Release date: October, 2019
IMDB Rating: 6

10) Miracles Still Happen

Miracles Still Happen, much like Dersu Uzala, takes us on an adventure into the wilderness. While Dersu Uzala explores the snowy Siberian landscape, Miracles Still Happen immerses us in the Peruvian Amazon. Both films captivate us with their breathtaking environments and showcase the struggle for survival in the face of harsh conditions. However, where Dersu Uzala focuses on the friendship between a nomadic native and a Russian explorer, Miracles Still Happen centers around a seventeen-year-old schoolgirl who becomes the sole survivor of a plane crash. The films diverge in their perspectives, with Miracles Still Happen emphasizing the resilience and resourcefulness of a young female protagonist. Despite their differences, both films invite us to marvel at the wonders of nature and the strength of the human spirit. So, if you're looking for another thrilling wilderness adventure, Miracles Still Happen is a movie that should definitely be on your watchlist.

Release date: July, 1974
IMDB Rating: 5.8

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