13 Must-Watch Movies Similar to Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Discover 13 intriguing and captivating movies that share the same thrilling mix of comedy, crime, drama, horror, mystery, and suspense. Immerse yourself in a series of unrelated short stories, each unfolding with its own unique twist and unexpected turns. Get ready to embark on a cinematic journey filled with murder, theft, and other crimes driven by mysterious motivations.

1) The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour takes you on another suspenseful ride, reminiscent of its predecessor Alfred Hitchcock Presents. With a runtime of 3000 seconds, this thrilling series continues the tradition of the Master of Suspense and Mystery. Just like its predecessor, The Alfred Hitchcock Hour delves into various crime, horror, drama, and mystery stories, captivating audiences with its clever and creative narratives. While both series share the same people vote average of 8.5, The Alfred Hitchcock Hour stands out with its longer runtime and its inclusion of notable actors like Tony Randall and Jayne Mansfield. So, if you enjoyed Alfred Hitchcock Presents, buckle up for more suspense and intrigue in The Alfred Hitchcock Hour.

Release date: May, 1966
IMDB Rating: 8.5

2) The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone, released in 1961, is reminiscent of the main movie, Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Both shows fall under the genre of anthology series and captivate viewers with their clever and creative storytelling. While Alfred Hitchcock Presents covers elements of crime, horror, drama, and comedy, The Twilight Zone focuses on ordinary people finding themselves in extraordinary situations, which they each try to solve in remarkable ways. The shows share a common thread of unpredictability, with each episode keeping viewers guessing and often featuring memorable twists at the end. Additionally, both series have become cult favorites, thanks to their famous opening themes and the unique experiences they offer. However, The Twilight Zone takes things a step further by delving into allegory and science fiction, adding an extra layer of intrigue and imagination. Rod Serling's masterful storytelling on The Twilight Zone helped usher in a generation of paranoia and science fiction, making it a must-watch for fans of Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Release date: October, 1961
IMDB Rating: 9.1
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3) Teenage Strangler

Release date: June, 1964
IMDB Rating: 2.3

4) The Weekend Murders

The Weekend Murders: A family goes to a British estate to hear the reading of a will and while there they are murdered one by one.
The Weekend Murders is like Alfred Hitchcock Presents if it took a vacation to the countryside and exchanged its serious tone for a playful one. While both movies fall into the genres of Comedy, Crime, Mystery, and Thriller, The Weekend Murders takes a more light-hearted approach to the murder mystery genre. It combines elements of an "old dark house" mystery and a giallo spoof, creating a delightful blend of parody and homage. The plot revolves around a dysfunctional family gathering at a grand estate, where they are not only trying to secure their inheritance but also trying to survive as the bodies start piling up. With a mansion full of suspects, bungling police officers, and a touch of greed, jealousy, and treachery, this movie offers multiple layers of enjoyment.

Release date: October, 1970
IMDB Rating: 6.1

5) Rancid Aluminum

Rancid Aluminum: Pete in London inherits a company. The ambitious accountant makes a deal with a Russian mafia boss. The Russian wants hard currency and grand-kids but kills his daughter's lovers. His daughter needs an Englishman like Sir Francis Drake.
Rancid Aluminum reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock Presents because both movies fall under the genres of comedy, crime, drama, and thriller. While Alfred Hitchcock Presents is a series of unrelated short stories, Rancid Aluminum is a standalone movie with a complex plot. Both movies involve crimes and the comedic aspects of them, but Rancid Aluminum takes it a step further with its satire comedy. The similarities in genres and themes make Rancid Aluminum an enticing watch for fans of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. However, unlike the classic television series, Rancid Aluminum has received mixed reviews, with some viewers finding it truly dreadful.

Release date: January, 2000
IMDB Rating: 3.5

6) Alias Betty

Novelist Betty Fisher enters a dark depression after her young son Joseph dies. Hoping to bring her out of it, her mother Margot arranges to kidnap a boy named Jose to replace the son Betty lost. Although she knows that it's wrong, Betty accepts Jose as her new son. Meanwhile, Jose's mother Carole is searching for her son with help from her boyfriend Francois--and some of his criminal cohorts.
Now, if you enjoyed "Alfred Hitchcock Presents," you're in for a treat with "Alias Betty." While Hitchcock's series covers a range of genres, "Alias Betty" also weaves together multiple genres, blending comedy, crime, drama, romance, and thriller elements into a captivating storyline. Both explore themes of death and the consequences of characters' actions, albeit in different ways. In "Alias Betty," the plot revolves around the aftermath of a tragic event and how it affects the lives of the characters involved.

Release date: October, 2001
IMDB Rating: 6.9

7) In Bruges

"In Bruges" is reminiscent of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" in its blend of comedy, crime, drama, and thriller genres. Both movies take you on a captivating journey through the dark and twisted minds of their characters. While "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" explores unrelated short stories of crime, horror, and comedy, "In Bruges" focuses on the aftermath of a job gone wrong for two Irish hitmen. The forced waiting in Bruges becomes a symbolic purgatory for the assassins, allowing Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell to showcase their acting skills through marvelous comic dialogue. The character interplay in both movies is captivating, drawing you into their world and making you forget the confined spaces. Additionally, Ralph Fiennes' late entrance in "In Bruges" adds a twist reminiscent of Ben Kingsley's character in "Sexy Beast." The writing in both movies is exceptional, giving the actors the freedom to have real fun with their roles.

Release date: February, 2008
IMDB Rating: 7.9

8) Love, Death & Robots

Love, Death & Robots: A collection of animated short stories that span various genres including science fiction, fantasy, horror, and comedy. This intriguing series reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, with its episodic nature and diverse range of stories. Just like Hitchcock's series, Love, Death & Robots keeps you entertained and guessing with each episode. While Hitchcock's show delves into crime, horror, drama, and comedy, Love, Death & Robots explores science fiction, fantasy, horror, and comedy. Both series have a knack for surprising twists and feature a mix of established and up-and-coming actors. However, instead of Hitchcock's witty intros, Love, Death & Robots captivates with stunning animation. So, if you enjoyed the suspenseful and unpredictable nature of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, I highly recommend checking out Love, Death & Robots for its unique and visually captivating take on storytelling.

Release date: March, 2019
IMDB Rating: 8.4
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9) Johnny Staccato

Johnny Staccato takes you on a jazzy journey through the world of crime and mystery, just like Alfred Hitchcock Presents. While the latter explores unrelated short stories with elements of crime, horror, drama, and comedy, Johnny Staccato focuses on the life of a jazz pianist turned private detective. Both shows offer captivating narratives that keep you on the edge of your seat, but with a unique twist. Alfred Hitchcock Presents surprises you with unexpected plot twists at the end of each episode, while Johnny Staccato immerses you in the moody streets of New York City, creating an atmosphere that is both gritty and hip. So, if you're a fan of classic television and love the combination of music and mystery, Johnny Staccato is a must-watch. Get ready to tap your feet to the rhythm of the suspenseful jazz beats while following the adventures of Johnny Staccato, the coolest detective in town.

Release date: September, 1959
IMDB Rating: 8

10) Midnite Spares

Midnite Spares is reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, but with a wild twist. While the main movie is a classic television series filled with clever and creative stories, Midnite Spares takes a different approach and delivers its story on the big screen. Both movies explore the themes of death and crime, but the similarity ends there. Alfred Hitchcock Presents thrives on its famous opening theme and comedic bits, while Midnite Spares focuses on the thrilling world of car theft and racing. The main movie keeps you guessing with its twist endings, while the similar movie takes you on a high-speed chase as Steve pursues the car thieves responsible for his father's death. So, if you're a fan of classic television and want to experience a totally different take on crime and adventure, buckle up and give Midnite Spares a whirl. Just don't expect it to reach the same heights as Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Release date: February, 1983
IMDB Rating: 5.1

11) Prizzi's Honor

"Prizzi's Honor" is reminiscent of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" in its exploration of crime and comedy. While "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" is a series of unrelated short stories, "Prizzi's Honor" is a feature film that tells the story of two professional assassins who fall in love. Both movies delve into the darker side of human nature, showcasing characters involved in criminal activities. However, "Prizzi's Honor" takes a more satirical approach, ridiculing its mafia protagonists and subverting the glamorous portrayal of the wise-guy life seen in many other films. In contrast, "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" maintains a clever and creative tone, often with unexpected twists and turns. While both movies explore the theme of death, "Prizzi's Honor" also touches on the topics of betrayal and loss, adding layers of complexity to the story.

Release date: June, 1985
IMDB Rating: 6.7

12) Big Shots

**Big Shots**: Ivan Reitman brings you "Big Shots," a slam-bang comedy-adventure with a heart as big as Chicago. While "Big Shots" may not share the same director as "Alfred Hitchcock Presents," it captures a similar sense of mischief and mayhem. Both films delve into the world of crime, with "Big Shots" showcasing two 11-year-olds stealing a Mercedes, a thrilling premise that is sure to captivate the kid in all of us. While "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" is a series of unrelated stories, "Big Shots" weaves a compelling narrative that follows the misadventures of these young protagonists. With its mix of adventure, comedy, and drama, "Big Shots" offers a delightful escapade that will have you laughing and cheering for these pint-sized criminals. So, if you're in the mood for a heartwarming and hilarious tale of childhood mischief, "Big Shots" is a must-watch.

Release date: October, 1987
IMDB Rating: 5.7

13) Life

Life is reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, though the two are quite different. While Hitchcock's series consists of unrelated short stories covering various genres, Life tells the story of two strangers who develop a strong friendship while wrongfully convicted and enduring life imprisonment. Both films touch on crime and comedy, but Life focuses more on the friendship between the two main characters and the challenges they face in prison. Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence deliver excellent performances, surprising audiences with their chemistry. If you're a fan of classic television and want to see Murphy and Lawrence's impeccable teamwork, Life is a must-see.

Release date: April, 1999
IMDB Rating: 6.8

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